< Peepshow Special 10

Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Remington Steel

  • Amanda White (West Indian with large drooping boobs) supposedly on her 18th birthday party with three men, including Chris News, given presents including a dildo and persuaded to try it out - leads to gang bang with cumshots over boobs which she licks off them
  • Beverly Cox with Chris News and Karl Gent, mainly Chris at first. Supposedly someone who advertises in the paper that she 'performs' at home for male clients, i.e. strips and dances. Is persuaded to have sex and let it be filmed. Anal but no facial
  • Anna Smith and Mark - a glamour photoshoot turns to a sex scene with the photographer, facial. (Credited as Anna in the intro and Maria just before the scene starts)
  • Jane [5], an older brunette who invites the crew to peep on her masturbating in her car - sex scene with Karl Gent in the car, anal and facial

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