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Notes: Tamara 18 cert.
Notes and Reviews

Flashing video, part at least shot in 1993

  • The red-headed girl (not listed as not named) who features with Lisa Randall in Opening Time is seen dancing at the start of the video
  • A curly-haired brunette (unnamed) indoors, in a car, at the roadside, on a motorway bridge, in a cafe and in a car park, at times completely nude
  • The red-head on a bike in a country lane, on a blanket in a field. she is seen to have a tattoo on her left upper arm. Appears to be playing with herself in the open back of an estate car, but this is obscured by a man standing in front of her
  • A darker-haired brunette who has a voice like Louise Armani and wears dark glasses for much of the time, dancing indoors, flashing in a country lane, on a swing, changing clothes in a field, by the river, in a car
  • A brief sequence of a girl with long fairish hair indoors
  • Sarah Daniels flashing and rubbing herself in a London cab
  • The redhead and a brunette dancing together and rubbing each other
  • A bit of hands-on for the girl who appears at the end of many Tamara videos encouraging other girls to work for them
  • Lisa James and Lisa Randall in a fragment from Girls Who Like Girls 2
  • Wendy-Jayne on a swing
  • The two schoolgirls from Public Places 8 chatted up and a bit of stripping indoors
  • A brief segment of Lisa Randall being groped from Opening Time

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