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Notes: Tamara
Notes and Reviews

Four sequences intercut:

  • Sally [3] and Lauren flashing in various places like a railway station, on a bench beside a road and on a motorway bridge. Some masturbation by a ruin
  • Claire [3] a small-breasted blonde flashing on busy road by and on a car
  • Cindy (real name Sally), very cute, listed as Sally [4], auditions for a public hands on with a much older bloke. She poses legs akimbo in the office and masturbates on a bed before going out with the cameramen and the older bloke dressed in a schoolgirls uniform but without knickers. She masturbates and is groped (male finger penetration) in the car, flashes at the roadside, changes into dress and stockings, more male groping in car with light cunnilingus and goes down on the bloke. This is not quite shown but obviously happens
  • (one segment only) two brunettes, one called Helen, dressed as schoolgirls (and probably are - these don't look 18 and still have puppy fat) remove their knickers and wander around with their skirts pulled up in the woods, no sexual acts

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