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Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Maximum Perversum
Alternate Titles
  • Follow the Fetish
Notes and Reviews

(Maximum Perversum, YC 1406, as Follow the Fetish)

Dawn Phoenix as Chrystal Dawn, Nikki Platts as Nikki White. Continentals are Marie-Claire, Mistress Kent and Raphaela.

Like Heisse Haut, this title features one girl (Dawn) predominantly. She looks great, and these are the only anal scenes of her I've seen. Nikki is the secondary focus and, while not the prettiest girl around, looks as good here as anywhere, especially with her pussy completely shaved.

  • Dawn and David Perry are asleep, naked on a bed. D wakes, a BJ leading to sex in various positions. D seems quite turned-on by the sex, although she has more trouble when the scene segues into anal (spoon, RC). The close-ups are excellent, with much playing with her long pussy-flaps. Perry finally comes on her tits.
  • While wandering round town D meets J-P Armand outside a café where Rudolf Blanc is posing as a waiter. J-PA connives with RB to pinch D's bag. Finding that she has no money, she naturally accepts J-PA's chivalry, returning with him to his flat. Foot-fetish stuff follows, leading to a BJ and cumshot over D's tits. Finally J-PA pisses over her tits in the shower.
  • Dawn wakes to find herself tied face-up on a bed in the presence of a maid (Nikki), J-PA and RB, whom it now appears is J-P's valet. Nikki strips and climbs aboard Dawn: both are shallow-fisted by J-PA while N gives RB a blow-job. Staying in these positions, D blows RB while J-PA ass-fucks Nikki: N is then DP'd with poor Dawn still beneath, ending with facials for both girls.
  • Once more dressed, Dawn enters the kitchen yawning, where Raphaela shows her a strap-on. Mild lezzie fun, with R manually fucking D with the strap-on. R then dons the strap-on and dry-humps D. J-PA enters, BJ's from both girls, leading to rear-entry fuck for Dawn, followed by rear and RC anal, apparently with more ease this time. JPA is wanked off over D's pussy by R. Both girls lick him clean and he then pisses into R's mouth.
  • Dressed again, Dawn lets M Kent into the flat and is verbally and physically abused for her trouble. As MK gets involved with the valet (RB), D crawls over to J-PA, a foot-job leading to BJ and cowgirl fuck. Meanwhile MK is fisted, followed by a fuck with come over tits. Back to D, being fucked from behind, with a cum-shot over her tits.
  • RB serves J-PA his breakfast in the sitting-room, where Dawn is tied face-up on a couch with her tits roped. He pours his OJ onto D's pussy and licks it off. Nikki the maid enters, giving J-PA a blow-job followed by fuck and RC anal. RB returns with Marie-Claire and a male; Nikki leaves with RB. M-C blows the male, J-PA takes over, leading to a rubbered fuck and anal and cum in mouth. M-C's hand is then lubricated for her to half-fist the still-bound Dawn.

Review by jj

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