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Released: 2009
Director: Chuck Lords
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 115 mins.

From the start it appears no expense has been made as Nikki Jayne undergoes psychoanalysis to see what makes her tick. Pulling up outside Dr Tony de Sergio's house, Nikki removes her knickers and throws them in the back of the car ready for her first session. Entering a drab looking living room, there's no chrome framed black leather couch for her to recline on. Just a shabby looking sofa. She starts to explain her life...

Almost naked, Nikki sits on the washing machine in the utility room. Bending over, she fingers herself as her best friend's boyfriend comes in with his washing. Moving up behind Nikki, he thrusts deep into her pussy. She drops to her knees to swallow his shaft. In a series of bleached short clips. Nikki is taken cowgirl, then spoons, before ending with her stomach covered in spunk.

Nikki's charms with gardener Mark don't get the results she expected. After stripping out of her bikini and getting him to rub oil into her body, he disappears with Victoria Valentine.

Dr Tony probes Nikki's relationship with her parents. Mother, Devon Lee (who only looks a few years older than Nikki), gets fucked by her dad as she sits on the back porch.

When Sara Stone and Brooke Banner muscle Nikki out of a job for being too seductive, she knows something is wrong.

Finished with his analysis, Dr Tony reveals the results. Nikki uses sex to solve her problems! Pawing at her tight white top, Nikki teases her tits. Dr Tony reaches for her short black skirt and laps at her pussy. Pulling her lips apart, Tony's tongue darts over her clit. She sits up to take a mouthful of cock. Flipping back her long blond hair, she swallows. The two tumble onto the sofa and 69. Nikki shuffles her way to Tony's shaft and rides. More choppy editing follows as the pair pass through various positions, ending with Nikki getting Tony's load over her face.

The film appears to have been shot on the cheap. A run down house masquerades as a surgery, friend's house, parents' home and workplace, but looks the same throughout. And the outside shots are done in an area no larger than a postage stamp. The camera work and lighting are debatable and the choppy editing causes the action to splutter and stutter. Throw in large amounts of pixellation to cover brand name products (and partly obscure the performers) and On The Couch is a very disappointing film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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