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Released: 2008
Director: Starr & Naz
Notes: Fig Productions
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Running time: 113 mins.

There has been an explosion of films featuring the over 30's, so making your movie stand out among the crowd is important. Starr and Naz mange to do this... but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. The camera jolts its way towards a black, creased, drape where Starr is waiting to introduce the film. With the picture wobbling, Starr sets off on her hesitant (and unrehearsed?) speech, extolling the virtues of the scenes to come.

Half Time
Sick of her boyfriend ignoring her while the footie is on, Jessica decides to take things into her own hands. Standing in front of the telly in her black dress and fishnets, Jessica has her timing wrong as the teams have just left the pitch. Her boyfriend is up for some half time entertainment. Unbuttoning her dress, she sinks onto the sofa next to him and pulls out his prick to suck. Her panties down, a finger is slipped into her pussy. Jessica rolls onto her back and opens her legs to take his cock. He thrusts in deep. The two turn over, fucking doggy then spoons. The pair run through their repertoire of positions, which ends with Jessica being fucked missionary. Jessica's stomach is showered in spunk and the game is over.

Mr & Mrs
Having picture-on-picture is a confusing way to start the second scene, with images of Starr in 'introductory mode' overlaid on images of Starr preparing herself to go out for the night. After fastening up Starr's black dress, Paul persuades her to stay for a little longer. He caresses her body and the dress falls to the floor. Starr follows, unzipping Paul's pants. Starr's tongue darts over the tip of his cock as she wraps her fingers around the shaft. Opening her mouth, she plunges it down her throat. The couple climb onto the bed. Paul peels down Starr's black panties to chew at her plump pussy lips. Onto all fours and Starr is entered from behind. The two flip over, letting Starr ride Paul's prick. The bed squeaks and creaks as they bounce. Back on their hands and knees, the session ends doggy style with Paul pulling out to coat Starr's bum in cum.

Faye Gets Fucked
Lying in the middle of the bed in her turquoise fishnets, Faye admires herself in the mirror as she fingers her fanny. With her panties round her ankles, she is easing a plastic prick into her pussy when her 'husband' enters. Watching her wank, he wants to know what she's doing. Faye plans to go out for the night but a quick fuck before she leaves wouldn't be out of order. With her pussy still full of plastic, Faye drops her top and gives a tit wank. Falling to the floor to shag spoons, the camera pulls back to view the two in a rather mucky mirror. Crouching over the cock, Faye sinks it deep into her pussy and screws round to ride reverse. The pair stand and Faye is fucked from behind. Dropping back onto the bed, the banging continues. Faye fingers herself as the guy jerks his jizz over her body.

Over 30 Blonde and Dirty is a bit of a let down. OK, the performances from the girls and guys is acceptable, but the whole film is let down by poor production and a lack of attention to basics... like a clean mirror in Faye's scene. Starr's rambling intros don't aid the cause either. Sorry to say, but this films fails for me.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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