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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 140 mins.

Some of the girls in On A Dogging Mission 2 may look familiar, but as in a lot of films the names are different. A vast majority of the footage in this eight-scene dogging film was shot in the dark using a hand held video camera with the light mounted on top. This means that in some of the close-up work the colours are bleached and a couple of the girls complain about the harshness of the light, though it doesn't stop them performing.

Swigging huge amounts of cola, Agnes is driven through the suburbs of London. Bob the driver knows a good spot. DiSanto films Agnes as she changes in the back of the car to a red T-Shirt and matching knickers. When the team arrive there is no one there, but with all that cola Agnes is dying for a pee. Bob follows her into the bushes and while she is pissing he gets his cock sucked, eventually cumming on her tongue. As there is no action the three leave.

German girl Carmen is next in the back of DiSanto's car. After the first car park they try is locked, they arrive at the river bank but it looks as if the mini-skirt-wearing Fraulein is going to be out of luck here too. Carmen sees a man on a mobile and asks if he wants his cock sucked. Before he can answer, she has his trousers down and his dick in her mouth. Her cheeks bulge as she sucks. The pair head back to the car to get out of the cold where Carmen continues to give head till the bloke is ready to cum. She bends over wanting his spunk over her bum.

In the dead of night DiSanto finds blue eyed Emerald in a white top, denim skirt and white knee-length boots standing by while a man slowly slips two fingers into her smoothly shaved pussy. She drops to her knees taking his manhood into her mouth and fondling his balls. She is wet and ready to be fucked. Leaning against the fence, she is taken from behind, the guy rhythmically pumping her pussy with his prick. Emerald sucks off the juices and the pair walk down the path, stopping for some more shagging. The two then disappear into the night.

Back at his car, DiSanto finds blonde Goshka has climbed into the back seat and is lying tits out and fingers in her pussy. He watches as she pulls her moist lips open, slips a rabbit in deep and starts to work it. The camera light makes her wet cunt glisten as she toys. Pulling it out she licks it clean.

On a bright sunny day DiSanto is taking buxom blonde Hayley to a good dogging spot by the Thames. As they drive through the docklands the traffic builds up and Hayley becomes impatient, playing with her tits and fingering her pussy through her knickers. With the car stuck in a jam, Hayley becomes desperate, giving a double ended dildo a blow job then rubbing it against her pierced clit before stuffing it into her pussy. Eventually they arrive, but there is no one there. Hayley doesn't need to worry, DiSanto has come with a bag full of toys. She sits on the steps overlooking the river, pumping her cunt with a large black dildo, then sets out along the embankment in the nude on the hunt for cock. Finding none, Hayley perches on a park bench and fills her self with plastic.

Small blonde Kinga is found at the same spot as Hayley, but this time it's dark. As she sits in her lilac top and black skirt, a man approaches. She soon has her lips wrapped round his dick. A second guy looms out of the dark, his prick in his hand. Kinga grabs it and starts to wank it while still sucking on the first. The two finger her fanny through her red knickers as she fills her mouth with their cocks. One of the two cums on Kinga's tongue and slips away, she rubs the second over her pert tits till he is ready to fire. She takes his jizz on her face. Further along she finds a black guy and crouches to give him a blow job, still with a spunk spattered face. Kinga quickly adds his cream to her collection.

Sitting on the sofa in a black basque, stockings and not a lot else, Lilly shows DiSanto her neatly trimmed pussy - ready for the night's dogging session. On arrival she leans out of the car window and the guys flock round like moths round a candle to have their dicks sucked. The first guy cums on her tits. Spitting her chewing gum out, Lilly then opens the car door to get to the rest. In the freezing cold she takes another couple of loads, then flashes her trimmed pussy at the crowd which attracts more. Zipping her coat up she deep throats a guy, unzipping her top to let him cum on her tits. It's then too cold to continue and she sets off home.

In a black dress with a long white zip down the front, Olivia is ready for action and she drives off with DiSanto and Felicity Grace, but when they arrive at the car park there is no one there. Fingering herself through her black knickers she is most disappointed that there is no cock to be had, DiSanto decides to put things right by jumping in the back of the car with Olivia. She sucks on his dick and runs her tongue over his shaft and balls and things just start hotting up when halfway thorough a sentence the film ends!!!

Filming in the dark and in cramped conditions is difficult. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. For most of the film DiSanto got it roundabout right, but there are still a lot of little niggly things about the production of his films that get you exasperated - like what happened to the end of the last scene? On a Dogging Mission 2 is probably only for the Dogging fraternity.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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