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Released: 2009
Director: Johnny Rebel
Notes: Johnny Rebel / Phoenix Films
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Running time: 95 mins.

Shot as the sort of 'feature advert' beloved of tele-shopping channels, Nite Rider comes complete with its own annoying on-screen logo, plugging the herbal growth product.

Sorting through a pile of mail, Stefan Hard finds the envelope he's been looking for - his Nite Rider tablets! Running upstairs, he pops a capsule in his mouth and is stiff within seconds. He phones Emma to tell her the good news.

Noticing the bulge in Stefan's jeans, Emma can't wait to wrap her lips round his shaft. Trousers yanked down, she starts to suck. With his cheb deep in Emma's mouth, Stafan tugs at her black top to get at her tits. His hand wanders to her short denim skirt. Knickers off, the two 69. Lowering herself onto Stefan's length, Emma's boobs brush against his face as she bounces. Twisting onto all fours, she's fucked from behind. Taking the tip of Stefan's dick between her lips, Emma slowly wanks the shaft, then drops back to be filled missionary. Stefan squirts his load into Emma's mouth. She plays with his cream on her tongue.

Still hard, Stefan calls round to show Jessica his wood. She drags him into the bedroom to sample his cock. Her pink bra off, she leans over his body. Her tongue runs round his prick. Stefan slips his hand into her frilly pink panties as she starts to suck. Stripped to her high heels, Jessica slams down on Stefan's dick. Her bum gives a good loud thwack each time it hits his thighs. The two progress from doggy to missionary, then on to spoons, before Jessica ends back on her hands and knees being banged from behind. Jerking Stefan's jizz into her mouth, Jessica lets it run down her chin and drip onto her tits.

Despite having fucked two girls, Stefan is still rigid. He invites Carrie over to his place to see his prick. Climbing onto his bed, Carrie licks and laps. Stefan undoes her yellow bra. Her boobs rest on his leg as she sucks. Stripped, the pair 69. Stefan chews at Carrie's pussy lips as she swallows his cock. Lying back, Stefan thrusts into Carrie missionary style. She sits up to ride dick. The rest of the scene alternates between the two fucking spoons and doggy. The session ends with Stefan covering her boobs with cream.

Flat in colour and content, Nite Rider is dull in terms of both lighting and performance. Add to that a constant on-screen logo and out of focus close-ups and this film gives the appearance of a rushed, amateur job. Give Nite Rider a wide berth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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