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Released: 2002
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Juicy Peach Productions, www.lezlovevideo.com
Notes and Reviews

"nadia's sweet revenge" is an epic tale of lust, seduction, retribution and betrayal... oh yes, and bonking! nadia has but one aim: to exact vengeance upon those who bullied her as a schoolgirl because she was fat and spotty (are we supposed to believe this?). what better way of putting her cunn(il)ing(ual) plan into action than by fucking her victims brains out and then taking pix of them inflagrante delicto! blackmail never tasted so sweet. as evil plans go it has a lot to recommend it: body parts get rubbed but no one gets rubbed out and the only swollen lips on display are of the labia minora and majora variety (pussy lips, if you flunked latin). in other words, it's well cushty!

nadia sets about her mission with an enthusiasm that leaves the viewer in little doubt as to her licking, er, liking for the ladies. at a time when one can comfortably fit the entire annual output of quality girl/girl hardcore into a v. small prada handbag, this is indeed a cause for celebration. nadia is looking exceptionally fine and of her schoolgirl pudginess, there is nary a trace to be seen. in my opinion, she's never looked better.

the tape is divided into four episodes, all featuring nadia:

  • vaginal vendetta
  • pussy payback
  • dildo double cross
  • vindictive vixen

nadia's first target is newcummer veronica (Rachel H) - a statuesque, pale-skinned northerner with whom her own smaller, darker physique makes an appealing contrast. nadia checks herself in the mirror as she prepares to do the nasty to her past tormentor: "i look so fine! that veronica bitch isn't going to know what hit her." what does hit veronica is kissing, pussy-licking, finger-fucking and vigorous dildoing both back and front. nadia takes a pic as her partner lays exhausted and dishevelled on the bed. one down, three to go.

emily sinclair (Clare Olsen) is next on our avenging angel's hit list. nadia's seduction of her petite ex-school friend begins on the stairwell of emily's luxury apartment, with some good old fashioned snogging and groping being the order of the day. once they get inside, all of the expected girl/girl interactions occur, with the scene highlight being nadia's introduction of emily to the delights of girl/girl analingus. another picture for nadia and another satisfying scene for us.

the final two episodes are the best in my opinion, with sarah wright (sabrina) and tamara noon (mistress demonica) both proving well matched against the heavenly features of nadia.

first sarah - this is an excellent scene, with great chemistry between the two protagonists. there is a deal of heated snogging and even the part where sarah fucks nadia from behind with a strap-on works for me, which isn't normally the case. when nadia proceeds to rim sarah, it is indeed "mission accomplished" as far as this viewer is concerned. both girls get thoroughly dildoed, with sarah also taking one up her arse. another pic for the family album. one space remaining...

kissing sidenote: i've never understood why it is that many performers will happily stick their tongues halfway up a stranger's lower intestine, but when it comes to a spot of full on, mouth-to-mouth interaction, more often than not the viewer is left with the contrived, not to say unexciting, spectacle of two people sticking their tongues out at each other! kissing is sexy and nadia is one of the best in the biz at this facet of the erotic arts. happily, all four scenes herein contain elements of kissing as it is supposed to be done, but whether this is down to the director or it results from nadia's natural inclinations in this area, is moot. the important thing is that sarah gives the impression of being happy to tongue wrestle with nadia until the cows come home, as does tamara. more please!

the final scene has nadia visiting the dungeon of dominatrix mistress demonica, played by tamara noon. ms noon is on great form as the bossy one and you can well understand why nadia obeys her without question (although licking tamara's pussy probably doesn't require much persuasion, one would imagine). looming in the background is a bondage wheel and not surprisingly someone soon ends up being strapped to it. what is surprising is that tamara is first, and before long it's more than her head that's spinning as she's probed from every angle by a dildo wielding nadia. eventually, it's nadia's turn to climb on board the wheel of fortune, but after tamara has her wicked way with her, matters take an unexpected turn... a great scene and a great combination in nadia and tamara.

if i have one minor criticism of "nadia's sweet revenge" it's that i would have preferred more pussy licking and less use of toys, but that's simply my preference. the fact is, the overall quality of action on view is of a consistently high order and all four scenes are worthy of repeated viewing. all in all, this tape is a keeper and not just for nadia fans. i only hope nadia's revenge is "to be continued..."

Review by woodgnome

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