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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 112 mins.

For a production company which only has a couple of dozen releases under its belt, it's disappointing to see that almost half the scenes in Bluebird's film Mork and Mindy have previously been released on other DVDs. The film features Canadian star Amy Azurra with her cartoon-size boobs as Mork from the planet Ork, who has learnt all about earth by watching porn movies. Befriending earthling Mandy (Aaliyah), the two set out on their adventures.

The first two scenes with Aaliyah and Kieran in the bedroom and a group scene starring Aaliyah, Amy, Cindy Behr and Victoria Paris in a greasy spoon cafe, have been lifted straight from Blonde Confessions.

After a little culture, Amy goes to see Jamie Brooks do Shakespeare. Only a few words of Romeo and Juliet have left her lips when Amy manages to turn things into a mass orgy. With Jamie's mouth full of cock, Sasha Rose and Denice K. mount Clark's and Oliver's shafts. Spreading her legs, Jamie too wants filling with dick. Down on all fours, with her boobs swaying beneath her see through blouse, Jamie is fucked doggy. Kieran steps in to pound at Sasha's pussy, then moves to Jamie's arse. Denice and Sasha ride away reverse cowgirl while Jamie takes two cocks. Amy lies amid the melée, her large boobs hanging out of her purple basque and boys banging into her pussy. Cum is showered over faces and pussies. Amy has enjoyed her play.

Wearing shiny black PVC uniforms, nurses Brianna Love and Sasha attend to a bandaged Tony de Sergio. Kieran is in the next bed. Aaliyah and Amy arrive with some flowers, but soon decide it would be better to lick Kieran's dick. In some confusing editing, Sasha swallows Tony's shaft, then mounts Kieran. Meanwhile, Brianna is sucked and shagged by both boys. By the end of the scene the girls and guys have fucked in every possible permutation and position and spunk has been spurted over faces.

Scene five, shot in a garage with Hannah Callow, is another direct lift from Blonde Confessions.

To celebrate Tyler Faith's birthday, Amy has arranged for a party with the weird and wonderful from the alien world. With Lichelle Marie and Luice Lee also attending, things get out of hand and another orgy ensues.

With repeated scenes, strange continuity/editing and dialogue which appears to be random sentences strung together, Mork and Mandy lacks any type of flow and is no more than snippets of sex stuck together. Coming from Bluebird, who promised so much for their films, Mork and Mandy is a poor film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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