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Released: 2008
Notes: Reality Kings
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Running time: 204 mins.

Over six scenes we are introduced to eighteen girls, all up for some three-way lesbian action. The format for each of the 30 minute sessions is fairly standard. Be it icing cup cakes, playing pool or shopping for lingerie, the girl talk eventually comes round to sex and how their boyfriends and husbands no longer satisfy them.

In McKenzie's case she has arranged a barbecue for two of her friends. In their bikinis and aprons they stand, cooking burgers. A splash of sauce lands on McKenzie's boobs and the girls lick it off. More sauce is daubed over bodies for the three to taste. Hot and horny, they head indoors. McKenzie pulls the tie's on her green bikini top, letting the girls nibble at her tits. The other two strip to their bikini bottoms and slip vibrators into their pussies. The trio move to the bed where they toy and lap at each other. With a double-ended dong shoved into McKenzie's pussy, her moans are stifled as she buries her face into a shaven muff. A strap-on appears which McKenzie wields most excellently, fucking and shagging her two best mates with it. Side-by-side the three stretch and stuff their pussies with buzzing toys, working away till they climax.

I have to admit the start of each scene is toe curlingly cringe making as the girls attempt to improvise. Most of what they say doesn't make sense. The air of uncertainty is added to by the camera work which moves back and forth trying to follow each utterance. Thankfully, with such long scenes there is still a good 25 minutes worth of action from the girls. The other thing which the film lacks is any form of titles or credits. It would have been nice to know who you were watching. Grumbles and gripes aside, for 3 out of 4 hours the film features some nice girl-on-girl action, including, most importantly, the welcome return of McKenzie Lee to the screen. That alone makes MILF Next Door 4 worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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