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Released: 2009
Director: Mike Quasar
Notes: Zero Tolerance
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Running time: 120 mins.

I thought it was only a brush with death that made one's whole life flash before one's eyes, but fact checking this title produced similar results for me. My porn life, that is. Roxanne Hall was the reason for getting this title to review, and fifteen years ago a brand new 18 year old appeared in Ben Dover volume one. Just about the time I decided to keep my future porn collection manageable by sticking to just British productions. Today, and nearly a thousand titles later, Roxanne looks as good as ever and performs even better. Roxanne has moved to Los Angeles and has a family and I widened my net by incorporating US releases.

Now I should say at the outset that this film is brilliant. And you should get hold of a copy, unless you have some religious belief that proscribes watching any woman over twentyfive having intercourse.

Mike Quasar directs five scenes of straightforward fucking, setting up each scene with a humourous introduction which lightens the tone but makes the raw physicality of these thirtysomething ladies having sex with younger men all the more interesting.

Violet Adamson (34) won't stop talking while making breakfast at Chris Richard's mum's house. He's studying for exams, but recently separated Violet wants sex, so she splashes ketchup over her shirt. Then it's whoops-chris-my-tits-are-out and the lad takes it from there. Fucking on the cream leather sofa until Chris cums over Violet.

James Deen is selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, trying out his pathetic spiel on Janet Mason's husband. He isn't interested, getting all his news and his porn online, for free. But he's in the doghouse having been caught shagging Janet's mom, so perhaps James could fuck Janet (42) to even things up. He does, on the floor and the sofa.

Dane Cross is spooked by a radio report that there's a cougar on the loose in his neighbourhood. He rushes indoors, frantically bolting all the windows and doors as Roxanne (33), in a black dress and heels, marches purposefully up the drive. But it's too late, Roxanne is inside and she wants her wicked way with Dane. "I got in through the doggy-flap", she says. In the bedroom, Roxanne undresses and sucks Dane to hardness. "They said you were dangerous" wails Dane, "I can be" replies Roxanne, offering up her naked pussy. Sex in cowgirl, doggy and spoons, before Dane cums in Roxanne's mouth.

Chris Johnson suspects new neighbour Debi Diamond (44) is a pornstar. He calls over, but Debi is nervous and denies being famous. In a parting shot, Chris quotes a line from her gangbang performance and that's enough to switch her on. Debi drags Chris indoors, has his trousers off and his cock in her mouth in no time. Chris eases Debi's generous tits out of her dress and lifts her dress revealing ripped fishnets and no knickers. Bent forwards, Debi gets fucked from behind, then in pretty much all other positions on the seating units. "I have issues" says Debi as she hungrily take's Chris's cock in her mouth for the third time.

Tabitha Stevens (39) calls to see James' mom. She's looking for a new venue for her women's group Botox parties at which, she explains, neglected women between 30 and 50 talk about their lives and fantasise about the grocery store boy. James invites her in. "Do you work at the grocery store?" asks Tabitha. "Filled in an application yesterday" replies James and they fall into each other's arms. Tabitha is conveniently naked under her dress, which is handy to get fucked all over the house.

Great sets ups and excellent performances all round from a bunch of incredibly fit milfs from 33 to 44. And for me personally all five would make my top twenty milfs working today. For aspiring directors looking to make their scene set-ups more entertaining (you know who you are), watch how Mike Quasar does it.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Roxanne Hall is joined by Violet Addamson, Janet Mason, Tabatha Stevens and the legendary Debi Diamond, as a group of PoWs (Predatory Older Women) go out looking for sex in Mike Quasar's Mother Load 5.

The third scene sees Roxanne in a short black dress and high heel sandals, on the prowl for younger guys. Wheedling her way into a house, she confronts a terrified looking Chris. He's dragged to the bedroom and tossed on to the bed. Roxanne pins him down as she pulls off her dress. Realising escape is futile, he submits to her sucking his shaft. Stripped to her sandals, Roxanne flops back, putting Chris's hand on her pussy. Tentatively, he crawls between her thighs and starts to lick. Roxanne takes pleasure in smearing her fanny over his face, then pulls her legs high in the air to be fucked. Rolling Chris over, she mounts his cock and grinds against his balls. Splayed out face down, she clasps and pulls at the sheets as she's banged. Roxanne sits to take Chris's cum in her mouth, milking every last drop from his dick.

Mother Load 5 is a well made film, with director Mike Quasar adding a few comical touches alongside the steamy hot action. Chris Johnson makes a very good foil to the ravenous Roxanne. Dale Cross is shy and retiring when faced with the sex craving Tabatha Stevens. Dragging in her young next door neighbour, Debi displays the power and naughtiness she was famous for as she devours dick. The only slight blot in the film is Violet Addamson whose feet were filthy throughout her scene. With an 18 minute bonus feature where each of the girls performs a solo strip, Mother Load 5 is well worth a watch.

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