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Released: 2007
Notes: Naughty America
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Running time: 118 mins.

The first thing that strikes you about this classroom based film is how American schools are full of hirsute tattooed pupils, who all look older than their teachers. Miscasting aside, five sexily attired school teachers take a special interest in furthering the education of their students.

Lisa Lee (as Lisa DeMarco) is trying to help one of her pupils gain a scholarship. Although, going by his inane ramblings as to why he should go to college, her reasons seem misplaced. Lisa has spotted potential in the boy and unbuttoning her jeans, she fills her mouth with his talent. Her fuchsia top and bra off, Lisa kneels, slobbering and sucking on his shaft. Climbing onto the desk, she lifts her black skirt. The pupil paws and licks at her damp pussy. Guiding him back to a chair, Lisa sits on his prick, reverse cowgirl. Hooking her black high heels on his thighs, she rides him. With clothes piled on the floor, Lisa stands in her heels to be fucked. The two move back to the desk where the shagging continues. Sitting up, Lisa takes her student's spunk in her mouth and lets it dribble over her chin. Yes, he's ideal college material.

Well staged and nicely shot, the only problem I have with this (as with other Naughty America films) is the structure of the DVD. There are no titles or indication as to who the performers are and after each scene the film reverts to the menu. Even though it looks like a compilation, My First Sex Teacher 11 is an enjoyable romp through the classrooms of America.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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