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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 156 mins.

After working the winter as Chalet Girls in Chamonix, Katie K and Theo have crossed the Alps and joined up with three of their friends Ellena, Jasmine Lau and Rubie for a holiday in Italy. The girls spend time sightseeing and shopping, but their favourite pastime is having sex in their secluded villa.

Down in the local town, the group meet sexy Annette Schwarz and invite her back for some sunbathing. Out in the garden the girls spread themselves on the loungers. One by one they start to strip and play with their boobs. Seeing the girls having fun, Steve Hooper and Clark Kent join in the orgy of pussy fingering and licking. In the mass of bodies, the boys get out their cocks and the girls line up to suck. Annette drops to her knees to be taken by Steve. Clark gets his balls bitten by Rubie as he fucks Theo. Jasmine is next to feel Clark's cock throbbing between her legs, while Katie satisfies herself munching on muff. Ellena wants some of the action and bends over to be filled from behind. Flopping onto his back, Steve lets Annette ride his shaft. The girls gather round as the guys jerk their loads over their bodies.

New chef Keni arrives after a long walk up the dusty track from the town. The girls think he needs a clean up before he can start work and they drag him off to the bathroom. Keni is placed in the bath and they proceed to soap his body, paying particular attention to his dick. Seeing it get hard gets them horny and they have to strip off. Keni presses his face into their pussies and arses as hand after hand grabs at his cock. Ellena and Jasmine lean over the bath and tongue their way up and down Keni's prick. Moistening their bodies, Katie, Rubie and Theo indulge in some finger fucking. Once dried off, Keni is placed on the floor. Theo lower herself onto his shaft while Rubie sits on his face. The girls swap with all but Katie riding Keni's staff. She lies down to lap at the freshly fucked pussies. Unable to hold back, Keni jets his jizz over the waiting girls.

Cafe culture and sightseeing may be fine, but Ellena, Jasmine and Rubie just want to get back for a relaxing time in the pool. Splashing round, the girls start to feel sexy and their bikinis are soon thrown off. The three go in for some aquatic minge tonguing. Dripping wet, they sit on the side of the pool and finger themselves to orgasm.

Thinking they're alone in the Villa, Annette and Steve start to fuck on the floral pattern sofa. The pair are banging away when Theo pokes her head around the door. Beckoning her in, Annette peels down her white shorts and spanks her bum. Theo is sent to the corner to sit and masturbate while Annette continues with Steve. With her mouth full of cock, Annette's session is again interrupted. This time it's Jasmine returning a tennis racket. Knickers down, her bum is slapped and she's sent to play with Theo. Katie is the next to arrive, just as Annette is being banged doggy. She eases her tits out of her blue bikini and joins the gaggle in the corner. With Steve hammering away, Ellena turns up book in hand. She's immediately sent to suck on pussy. Annette eases Steve into her arse as Rubie appears with a table tennis bat. As she's being fucked, her bum is smacked by Annette until it turns rosy red. Ready to cum, the girls rush across the room to catch Steve's spunk on their bodies.

On an overcast day, Jasmine and Clark are on the tennis courts getting in some practice. When Jasmine bends over the net, Clark glimpses her pussy and thrusts his cock in deep. Wanting to improve her grip, Jasmine grabs at the shaft and guides it towards her mouth. Her backhand play is too much for Clark and he cums.

Sketch pad in hand, Rubie sets about capturing the local architecture in the town. She's met by the girls. It's Clark's birthday and they want to organise a surprise for him at the villa. Seated round the dining table, chef Keni carries in a huge cream cake. But there are no candles as Keni has something better for Clark: a naked Rubie in the centre of the cake. The group rub cream and sponge over Rubie's body as they strip. Katie runs her tongue up and down Ellena's cream filled cleavage. Keni buries his face in a sweet covered pussy. Plates and cutlery are pushed aside as the guys and girls grope each other. Dollops of cream are worked into pussies and servings of sweet are smeared over tits. Jasmine is taken doggy style on the table. Lying in the mess, Rubie is fucked missionary. Wine glasses rattle as the gang bang away. Theo and Katie probe each other's arses. Finally, Rubie and Jasmie spread out on the table and the boys shower them in spunk.

As with his other movies for Film Erotica, Sam Stonehill has tried something different with Made in Italy. Going for a 'natural' look, the film appears to have been shot using only the available lighting, which in the mle of pulsating flesh isn't always enough to illuminate the action. Having all the girls in nearly all the scenes does lend an air of verity, with Rubie, Ellena and Jasmine all standing out. The slight downside of this is that it pushes Katie K., who only does girl/girl, to the background for most of the film. Made in Italy is a decent film to watch and introduces a number of new girls to our screens.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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