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Released: 2008
Notes: Naughty America
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Running time: 105 mins.

This is one of those annoying DVDs from the States that assumes that after you watch each scene, you want to go back to the main menu. Sandwiched between vignettes from Brenda James and Kelly Leigh, scenes from Nicole Moore and a double-header with Misty Vonage and Bridgett Lee, is a British shot session starring Georgina Smith.

Two of Georgina's sons' American friends are playing pool when she approaches. Hustler Georgina challenges them to a game. To make it more interesting she suggests strip pool. As the balls drop down the pockets, the boys take more and more off. Georgina pots the black and they end up naked. Crouching at the end of the table, it's just what Georgina wanted. A dick in each hand, she starts to suck. Bending over, Georgina lifts her brown dress to show her white panties. Dropping them to the floor, she asks the boys what they think of her snatch. Lying back on the table, both boys probe her hairy pussy. Rolling over, Georgina's tits swing freely as she's spit-roasted. The first cock cums on Georgina. She rubs the cream over her face. The second guy hits her chin. It drips down onto her tits.

This isn't a very good film. The scene build ups are slow and ponderous, wasting time, and the delivery of the dialogue is wooden. Only Georgina sounded as if she knew her lines and was interested in the replies. Pity her scene is five minutes shorter then the rest in the film. There is also the question of age. Some of the guys look older than the girls!!! Maybe volume 13 is just unlucky... Unlucky, that is, for Georgina who deserves a better platform for her talents.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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