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Released: 2008
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 118 mins.

For their latest venture, MILF Magic, Relish have turned to the 'more experienced' woman and scored a coup by enticing Misty McCaine back onto our screens. She joins Starr, Loz and two relative newcomers Jasmine & Sasha who, through their hot action, show Hazza why 'older' girls are so sexy.

In a backless, silver silk dress, Misty is introduced to Keiran. Settling onto the sofa, she's ready to show the pleasures of sex with older women. Slipping her big breasts out of her dress, Misty takes Keiran's balls in her mouth. He strokes her blonde hair as her tongue works its way over his dick. Sinking back, Misty's boobs bang together as she's fucked missionary. She places a leg up on Keiran's shoulder. Rolling over on the red sofa, Misty readies herself to be filled from behind. Turning, she traps Keiran's cock in her cleavage and starts to wank. He covers Misty's face in cum.

Hazza thinks the best place to find the older woman is down at the local bingo club. The blue rinse and cardigan brigade appear bemused by his questioning. Meantime, Ben is out hunting on the other side of town. Spotting Loz, he runs after her. She's up for some fun providing husband James can come along too. Back at the flat, Loz showers. Her hands run over her wet body and head for her pussy. Freshened up, Loz reappears in blue fishnets and black basque and squeezes herself between the boys. Reaching out, she grabs their cocks, guiding them towards her mouth. Pulling down her tights, Ben places Loz on his prick as she sucks at James's dick. With Loz hanging round his neck, Ben stands. He drops her reverse cowgirl onto James's waiting willy. A spot of spit-roasting from the pair and James fires his load over Loz's face. Ben quickly follows. Loz licks every last drop from the boys.

Out on the streets, Keiran finds Jasmine looking for her dog. He offers to help find it in return for a fuck. After showering, Jasmine dons her sexy lingerie. All thoughts of dog hunting disappear from her mind with Keiran stroking the front of her panties. With Keiran between her legs, Jasmine's knickers fall to the floor. His tongue flicks out at her shaven snatch. Closing her eyes, Jasmine moans. Cock out, Keiran slips it between Jasmine's swollen wet lips and starts to fuck her. Reaching down, she rubs at her clit. Kneeling on a red silk throw, Jasmine's slim body rocks as she is entered doggy. She turns, hammering down on Keiran's dick, cowgirl. Crying out, Jasmine quivers as the pair shag spoons. Keiran spurts his spunk onto Jasmine's tongue.

Failing at the bingo, Hazza tries some cold calling on his hunt for MILF. The first door he knocks on is opened by Starr. She is only too keen to help his research. Enlisting American, Christian, the boys wait while Starr prepares herself. Emerging in her short red dress and stockings, Christian is soon sucking on Starr's boobs. Her face lights up with excitement as his fingers probe her pussy and arse. Unzipping Christian's pants, Starr wraps her lips around his cock and starts to wank. Turning, she takes his dick from behind. The pair fall onto the sofa. Removing her red dress, Starr mounts Christian's cock and starts to bounce. Rolling over, she is forced to the back of the sofa by Christian's banging. Placed upside down on the floor, Christian pile drives into Starr's pussy before dropping his jizz into her mouth. Starr smiles as it dribbles over her chin.

Having got into MILFing mode, Christian is on the look out when he spots Sasha Rose in a car park. Pursuing her into a shop, he pops the question. Sasha takes little persuading. Showered and done up in her black net dress, she's ready to start. Leaning forward, Christian parts her bum cheeks and caresses her arse. He manhandles her tits as the two of them kiss. Sasha's black knickers drop to the floor. She grabs hold of Christian's cheb. Her earrings swing wildly as she sucks. The pair sink into the sofa to 69. Clamping her legs round Christian's back, Sasha is fucked. Kicking off her high heels, Sasha lowers her self onto Christian's staff and rides him side saddle. Sliding off the sofa, Sasha lands on all fours. Christian pounds away at her pussy. The two slump onto their sides and end the session with some spoons, followed by reverse cowgirl. Sasha sits open-mouthed ready for Christian's cum.

MILF Magic is very much in the 'Hazza on the Hunt' style that Relish have used so successfully in previous outings. Mixing tongue-in-cheek 'vox pops' intros with steamy sex from 'more mature' girls, gives this film a light-hearted feeling. Add in Starr, Loz and great performances from new girls Sasha and Jasmine, not to mention the reappearance on our screens of Misty McCaine, and MILF Magic is a winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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