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Released: 2007
Director: B. Skow
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 135 mins.

A film with a plot and humour is always hard to pull off and in My Big Fake Wedding Vivid have missed by a mile. What might have looked good on paper - a reluctant girl who won't have sex with her boyfriend until after she is married and a plan to hold a fake wedding - disintegrates into monosyllabic sentences uttered by bride to be Holly Morgan and her bridesmaid Brea Lynn.

Halfway through the lurching plot, Carmel Moore and Jada Fire turn up as the entertainment at the bachelor party... if that's what Americans call two tins of beer and a sofa. The girls peel down their bras and the guys cheer as they squeeze their tits together. There are more shouts from the boys as their knickers cum down and they start to eat pussy. Two of the gang get their cocks out and the girls begin to suck. Holding the shaft, Carmel slips herself down it's length. Jada lies on her side to be fucked. Shuffling herself onto the sofa, Carmel is taken missionary. She grabs the second cock and feeds it into her mouth. Jada joins as both girls ride side-by-side. Jiggling and bouncing, Jada squirts. Jumping off, the two wait open mouthed for some jizz.

This is a poor film on all levels. The humour falls flat, the guys and girls can't act and the production and editing effects look as if they were done on the cheap. The DVD cover is emblazoned with 'Shot in High Def' logos. Director Skow appear to think that high quality images make up for a low quality film. Not what you would expect from Vivid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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