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Released: 2007
Director: Jonalungus
Notes: Voodoo House
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Running time: 147 mins.

McKenzie Lee makes a welcome return to our screens in this low key girl-on-girl film directed by Jonalungus. Shot using a single camera and basic lighting, this is a far cry from the big budget films McKenzie has been used to in the States.

In a plain white dress, McKenzie sits beside blonde Sabrina on a blue leather sofa. The girls talk about how the feel of skin turns them on. Hitching her boobs out of her dress, McKenzie leans forward to play with Sabrina. Red top down, she nibbles at her nipples. The pair stand, McKenzie letting her dress fall to the floor. Sabrina appears a little more coy, but persuasive fingers in her pussy relieve her shyness. Back on the sofa, McKenzie sucks and slaps Sabrina's snatch. She pulls the blonde against her pussy to be tongued and gyrates on her face. Shifting the furniture, McKenzie kneels with her bum facing the camera. Sabrina slides a blue vibrator between her legs. Taking the toy, McKenzie teases Sabrina's arse then pops it into her pussy. The duo 69. Winking, McKenzie pulls on a purple strap-on and plonks Sabrina on her lap. The girls laugh and giggle.

With simple sets and styling there is little for the girls to hide behind and pure performances carry the scenes. Here, McKenzie, with her wry smiles and nods to the camera, comes up trumps and it's obvious she's enjoying herself. One strange thing - the movie is devoid of titles (normally the sign of a compilation). Although, there is no reason to doubt the date of late 2007 given for production.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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