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Released: 2007
Director: Jay Sin
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 176 mins.

Ever wondered what would happen if you mix a group of gorgeous girls with gallons of milk? Well, when Sophie Dee, Kelly Wells, Annette Schwarz and Aline are involved, it's nearly 3 hours of kinky action in Jay Sin's Milk Nymphos.

The film starts when Sophie and Lexi Love appear in black fur trimmed body stockings, wearing bells round their necks. A long slim tail and pointy ears complete their outfits as the two pretend to be cats. Crawling across the floor, the pair lap at a large bowl with their names on. The girls dribble milk over each other. Her tits out, Sophie purrs as Lexi bites at her nipples. Tumbling around on the floor, the two frolic and play in a pool that's slopped out of the bowl. Pouring milk over Lexi's body, Sophie rives at her nylon outfit to lick it off. Climbing onto a chair, Sophie opens her legs. Milk is syringed over her pussy. Lexi laps at the creamy mess as she sticks a toy in Sophie's arse. Her face forced into the bowl, Sophie fills her mouth and spurts it over Lexi's hairy muff. Grabbing a dildo, Sophie jams it in Lexi's wet arse. Masturbating and pulling at their pussies, the duo squirt and pour more milk over each other. Bedraggled, Sophie and Lexi lie meowing. These girls are definitely the cats that got the cream.

I have to admit I found the whole film a little over the top and slightly surreal. Girls being cats, spraying milk in their pussies as they bake cookies, attacking the milkman and finding new ways to make milk shake!!! Jay Sin has a reputation for making unusual and more 'extreme' films. Milk Nymphos is just too strange for my taste.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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