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Released: 2007
Director: Robby D.
Notes: Digital Playground
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Running time: 128 mins.

Sitting in front of a large plasma screen, wearing a green snake print basque, Sophia Santi watches a series of highly charged sex scenes. As the film progresses through sultry Naomi and Celina Cross in her school girl outfit, Sophia becomes more and more aroused.

When housemaid Hannah's boss sets out for work, she pops into his bedroom to tidy up. Pressing the button on his TV, she's surprised to see images of him fucking girls appear on the screen. Stroking herself, Hannah watches, then spots a hundred dollars on the dressing room table. She slips it into her knickers and continues dusting. Unfortunately, Hannah's boss has been watching through the open door and takes her to task. Bending Hannah over his lap, he lifts her black uniform to spank her bum. Hannah moans. A broad smile crosses her face as he peels down her panties and licks at her bum. Dress falling to her ankles, Hannah is held on the bed as her pussy is probed. Sliding to the floor, Hannah guides her boss's cock between her lips. His length fills her throat. Working her way up his body, she sits on his prick and rides him cowgirl. Twisting round on the bed, Hannah catches her reflection on the mirror as the two shag spoons. This makes her even more horny. Flat on her back, the boss pounds away at her pussy then shoots his spunk over her stomach. Sighing, Hannah rubs in his cum.

Next on Sophia's screen is Jordana James. She's being kept as a pet by Chris Charming.

Hannah returns for the final scene, this time with Marco Bandaros. She's sitting on a dining chair dressed only in her bra and panties. Marco snips at a pair of tights and uses them to tie Hannah up. Restrained, she can do nothing as he tongues and chews at her shaven snatch, then slips a ridged glass rod into her pussy. She throws her head back as Marco licks and laps at her legs. Steadying her head, Marco crams his cock into her mouth. Cutting Hannah's ties, she is released. Marco rips the bra to get at her boobs as the glass rod is jabbed between her legs. Standing her up, he shoves his shaft into her from behind, then pulls Hannah back to ride him reverse. Slapping down against Marco's thighs, Hannah can see his face starting to screw up. Sitting back, she opens her mouth ready for his jizz.

With Hannah's image still on the screen, Sophia works herself to orgasm.

Mademoiselle is one of those dark and brooding films which leaves you wondering what's it all about. The headline girl Sophia Santi adds little and, whilst Hannah Harper was sexy as hell, her smiling face and bright blue eyes seemed out of character with the rest of the film. Only slim and sizzling Naomi appeared to be correctly cast in her role. Mademoiselle leaves you asking plenty of questions. The biggest one is why?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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