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Released: 2006
Director: Melanie
Notes: Melanie's Movies
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Melanie herself introduces these three scenes that, she claims, feature genuine newbies. Well there has to be a first time for everyone but unless Melanie has been sitting on this stuff for 12 months or so then neither Gemma, partner Matt nor Kitty are newbies. The plural in the introduction is a bit of an overclaim too as this film is really just Gemma, with Kitty joining her for a threesome in the second scene. What is new is Gemma taking on multiple cocks in the final gangbang.

The first, bedroom, scene is conventional enough, with Gemma and partner Matt undressing through foreplay then fucking in cowgirl, doggy, missionary and so on. The bedroom is small so Melanie and her partner, who are both filming, often get in shot, but this adds to the amateur feel of the production. After around half an hour of decent action, Matt produces a facial.

In the second scene, Melanie has arranged for Kitty to join Matt and Gemma for her first bi experience. The girls strip to their underwear in the sitting room, then undress Matt and attack his cock. The scene is standard threeway fare with mouths sucking pussies and cocks and a bit of dildo use before Kitty jumps on Matt's cock for a ride. Meanwhile Gemma puts on a strap-on that Kitty takes doggy and reverse cowgirl before the scene ends.

Having tried a threesome, Gemma's voyage of discovery heads for the gangbang. The leather chesterfield in Melanie's sparsely furnished sitting room is the venue again and Gemma, in black fishnet t-shirt and white skirt, is soon impaled on partner Matt's cock. Thrown over the back of the sofa with her legs in the air, Matt fucks Gemma up the arse while she sucks the two other naked cocks. In reverse cowgirl with Matt's cock in her arse, both other guys sample her pussy while she takes the third in her mouth. Gemma tries the same trick in cowgirl before each guy deposits a load over her face.

Gemma fucks her socks off here, with Melanie's instructions keeping a real amateur feel, as when she suggests Kitty bends over the arm of her sofa as it's the place she (Melanie) enjoys taking it doggystyle. Well filmed and nearly two hours long. If you like the look of Gemma then you'll love the film.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2007

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