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Released: 2006
Director: Jamie Shamrock
Notes: Club Jenna
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 77 mins.

McKenzie Illustrated takes the clever idea of turning a glossy magazine into a sexy film. The pages flick over to various articles which turn into fully blown scenes, McKenzie providing the voice over introductions. As you would expect from the title, McKenzie takes the lead role in the film and is supported by an impressive cast of girls including Ariana Jollee, Katja Kassin and Sandra Romain.

The first article covers McKenzie's visit to a select Parisian club with Ariana Jollee. Wearing chokers, black boots and little else, the girls attract the attention of three guys and are soon sucking hard on their cocks. McKenzie satisfies herself swallowing dick while Ariana gets spit-roasted. The pair then go for a ride, one cowgirl, the other reverse. With McKenzie moving to 69, Ariana squirts as a finger is eased into her bum. The three guys rotate round as both girls get DPs. The three fire their loads over McKenzie and Ariana. They lick and swap spunk.

The next scene deals with Courtney Cummz who, finding her husband is having an affair, decides to entertain his two best friends.

McKenzie is back with some tips from the kitchen. In her chef's hat and apron, she chops up some peppers to see if they will spice up her sex life. She soon has her mouth full of the missing ingredient - cock. Spit dribbles down the guy's shaft as she wanks him. McKenzie climbs onto the table, her apron is removed and the guy starts to feast on her fanny. She rolls over and her pussy glistens under the lights as she is taken from behind. The guy laps at McKenzie's arse, then turns her onto her back to fuck her missionary. She ends with his sauce in her mouth.

Sandra Romain's article-cum scene shows how to get the best from your man in bed.

Finally, McKenzie burns off those unwanted calories in the gym - not by using the weights and machines but in a five-way lesbian session. The girls finger fuck each other till their pussies drip. McKenzie pulls on a strap-on to use on Ariana's arse. Alectra Blue and Taryn Thomas put on a side show across the gym with a second strap-on. More stretching and fingering ends with McKenzie lying on the bench surrounded by the other girls. In matching strap-ons they fuck her to orgasm.

Though it has McKenzie, a strong cast and a great idea, this film is a big let down and doesn't do the girls justice. With a running time of just over 1 hours, the scenes rush through, no sooner starting than they're over. For an unexplained reason when the action gets hot the film speeds up and turns into black and white. Surely this is what you pay to watch and for people who fast forward over the dialogue there's nothing left!!! If this is the best Club Jenna can do with McKenzie's talents she should seriously consider jumping onto the next plane back to Britain. McKenzie Illustrated is very short and, at full price, poor value for money. If you really want to see it, wait till it appears in the bargain bucket.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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