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Released: 2006
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
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Running time: 113 mins.

Alessandro Del Mar has produced some visually stunning work for Private's 'Tropical' series and Mystery Island falls into that category. It is set against a backdrop of palm-fringed white sandy beaches and azure-coloured sea. Jamie Brooks is a reporter sent to solve a 200-year-old murder... Forget about the plot, it's almost non-existent. Just sit and enjoy the action.

While Jamie sets out to view the site of the murders, her husband sets sail with Diana Gold and Simone Style to view the island from their luxury yacht, but all he ends up viewing is pussies and arses.

Wandering round the ruins, Jamie gets a feel for the past. Outside, Diana Lion gets more than a feel as she is fucked in the banana plantation.

Following a disturbed night's sleep, Jamie returns to the derelict mansion. In a series of flash backs to 200 years in the past, Isabel Ice is with her husband George Uhl. They sit in the dining room chatting with Electra Angel and Katy Caro. Isabel feels tired and leaves. No sooner has the door closed than George and the girls go to work on the table. Isabel sees it all through the window.

Another restless night and Jamie dreams she is on the beach with two guys in bright yellow shorts. She pulls at their cocks as the clear blue water laps around her legs. She crouches, taking each guy in her mouth in turn. The sea gets deeper as she bends to be taken from behind and gags on the second cock. As she stands on one leg with the other high above her head, the boys pump her pussy. The three move to a driftwood log where Jamie rides the guys reverse. Sand sticking to their bums, they double dick Jamie. She then slips each boy up her bum. As the waves roll in, the guys shower Jamie in spunk.

Jamie now has an insight into the murders and knows who did them. Her husband is preoccupied with satisfying Kathy Anderson and Justine Ashley on the beach.

All the scenes are beautifully shot with wide panoramic views giving a backdrop to the couples in the foreground, though none of them seem to fit together. When watching Jamie's scene I was certain I had seen it before in Private's release 'Madagascar' - same beach, same flowing black and pink top, different guys. Mystery Island has stunning girls, fabulous locations and little story, but is still a very enjoyable film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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