< Minge Benefits R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Verdammt heisse Jobs DVD available Tabu Love
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

Many jobs come with perks. For some it's the company car, for others it's bonuses and discounts. In Minge Benefits Hazza and the team explore five jobs which offer alternative incentives and use eight great girls (six of them British) to demonstrate.

The Photographer
Aaliyah has turned up to have her portfolio shot by Demitri, a leading photographer, hoping it will help her on her way to a new job. As the shooting goes on, Demitri suggests that if she eases her tits out of her laced white top it may improve her chances. Reluctantly she does it. Demetri lies on the floor looking straight up her skirt as he snaps. Finding there are more contenders for the job, Aaliyah drops to her knees and takes Demitri's cock deep in her mouth in the hope of making the short list. Saliva runs down the shaft and drips onto her tits, her braided hair swaying as her head bobs back and forward. Slipping out of her tight denim skirt, she bends over the sofa to have her pussy stuffed and her cries of pleasure echo around the studio. Demitri sits, cock in hand, as Aaliyah lowers herself onto it. Her slim body bounces as she thwacks into his thighs. Easing open her arse with two fingers, Demitri slides in his dick and Aaliyah pulls at her legs to take him deeper. Ready to cum, Aaliyah wants his spunk on her tits. She rubs in the cream.

The Doctor
With a shortage of nurses the hospital has taken on two new Czech girls, Lucy Love and Sandra de Marco, but they have been reported to Dr Sonny as they were caught fucking each other in a store cupboard. He asks what they were doing. They offer to show him, but they need his cock to demonstrate. Dropping his trousers, the Doctor sits between the girls. They start to lick his dick. Sandra wraps her lips around his shaft while Lucy takes his balls in her mouth. The Doctor's fingers find their way into the girls fannies. Dropping their knickers the two unzip their uniforms. The Doctor's heartbeat races as the two take turns to ride his cock. Lucy wanks herself with a big blue vibrator as she watches Sandra sink the shaft into her arse hole. She joins in to push the toy in her pussy. Lucy prefers to be taken spoons up her bum, Sandra licking and lapping her clit. Sonny pulls out and the two kneel. His spunk shoots into Sandra's mouth and she shares it with Lucy.

The Director
Natalia is reading for a part for director Dougie. After a few lines he stops her. She's no actress, but what else can she do? Unzipping his pants she shows him. Natalia fills her cheeks with cock then slaps her face with the wet head. Having been well and truly sucked, Dougie suggests Natalia strips. She gets her jeans and knickers down as far as her knees before Dougie dives in to lap and finger her pussy. The casting couch ready, it's time to see some action. Natalia leans forward to be taken doggy by Dougie. As she bangs hard on his balls her tits fall out of her ivory silk top. Climbing onto Dougie's dick, Natalia rocks and gyrates her bum, rubbing Dougie's stomach as they shag. The scene ends with Dougie hammering away at Natalia's wet hole and firing his load over her tits.

The Office
Victoria Brown has applied for a job as a saleswoman. In her pale pink suit, she turns up for an interview with Tamara Noon at the dildo factory. Though she has seen the products, she has never tried them. Amanda Pickering enters with a consignment from the developers ready to be tested. Tamara tells Victoria to watch, learn and possibly help out. Amanda hitches up her skirt and sits with her feet on the desk. Taking the first toy she slips it past her black panties deep into her pussy. Tamara and Victoria suck at her nipples as they take a closer look. Victoria removes her jacket as she is to test the next toy. Her boobs almost pop out of her white and red bra as Tamara slides a transparent pink toy in her pussy. Grabbing the end, Victoria pushes it hard in her hole and wanks. The girls lift out her big breasts and chew. Tamara peels off her knickers and unwraps a bright red vibrator. Leaning forward, the girls lap at her bum as the toy enters her pussy. Victoria wants to try some more toys, two at a time. Opening her legs she stuffs one in her pussy and a second in her arse. Crying with pleasure she pumps away. The other two pick up their tools and join in the wanking session, screaming as they orgasm. And the job ... still more applicants to see.

The Firemen
It's Natalie Heck's hen night and her friends have handcuffed her to some spiral stairs. Firemen Tony James and Danny will soon release her. She climbs into the engine to be checked over and the boys take out their hoses. Fondling Natalie's tits, her head moves from cock to cock, each time taking it deeper down her throat. As this is her last night of freedom Natalie wants to be fucked by the firemen and they don't need to be asked twice. Danny slips his cock into Natalie's pussy as she swallows Tony. Half way through, the boys swap ends. Having her pussy filled is nice but Natalie wants to try a fireman's pole in her arse. Danny does the business. With Tony doing nothing and her pussy empty she invites him to join for a DP session. The boys bang at her bum and pussy. Having been fucked enough, Natalie wants to see spunk on her tits. The boys polish their helmets and cover her with cream.

With this film Relish have started to return to their winning ways. There is a good mix of established British and European stars like Natalie, Natalia, the Czech pair Lucy and Sandra and the new girl Aaliyah. There's also the added bonus of big breasted Victoria Brown in her first film in a couple of years. This mixed with the normal 'predictable' settings and 'corny' voice overs make Minge Benefits an ideal view.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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