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Released: 2006
Director: Red Ezra
Notes: Club Jenna / Vivid
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Running time: 90 mins.

The DVD cover proclaims "Award Winning New Starlet and new contract girl for Club Jenna, McKenzie Lee in Award Winning Director Red Ezra's McKenzie Made", but does the film match all the hype?

As the opening titles roll a white van pulls into a garage and Reno slides open the back door. What's inside? A stash of cash, a pile of knock-off telly's? No, it looks like a 70s disco with a large red lounger and McKenzie in her sexy black lingerie and fishnets is lying on it with a big glass dildo up her cunt. Reno climbs aboard cock out. McKenzie dribbles and slavers over it before taking it deep down her throat. She stands with one leg raised to be taken from behind, the red stars stuck to her nipples twinkling under the flashing lights as her pussy is hammered. The two move back to the couch, McKenzie riding the dick reverse cowgirl then twisting round onto her back to get her arse fucked. Reno pulls out and covers McKenzie's face in cream. She plays with the stringy goo.

We next see McKenzie in scene 4. Sensuous and smouldering she lies in her pink satin lingerie and black patent heels jabbing a glass dildo between her legs. Opening her mouth she swallows the toy. The setting changes to pseudo 60s. Among the beads and bangles McKenzie kisses Sandra Shine. The girls slip out of their psychedelic togs and finger themselves. McKenzie sits open legged, letting Sandra lap at her pussy before she moves down to taste her clit, her long tongue dancing over Sandra's snatch. A twisted glass toy in hand, McKenzie works it hard and fast into Sandra's wet hole. She shudders and the two kiss.

The final scene could come from a horror movie. McKenzie and Katie Morgan, in hooded black cloaks, sit in a gothic mansion. Nick Manning moves between the girls. Disrobing, the pair play wildly with each other, ending on the floor with McKenzie's head buried between Katie's legs. Nick joins in, his tongue lapping at first one then the other. Katie wanks over McKenzie's face as she has her fanny finger fucked. It's now time to lick Nick into shape. The two take turns swallowing his man meat. The girls 69, their bodies shaking violently as they suck. Katie stands to be taken from behind and McKenzie pulls open her pussy as she watches. McKenzie swaps fingers for cock as Nick thrusts deep into her wet hole, pulling out in time to flood her stomach with spunk which Katie licks off.

Yes, this is a very good film. The best ever? That's questionable. McKenzie is stunning in her scenes and that's the problem; the other girls put in sterling performances, but compared with McKenzie some of their work appears a little flat. Verdict - well worth watching out for.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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