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Released: 2005
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: Private Fetish Machine
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Running time: 90 mins.

Shot in Budapest and London, Frank Thring has brought together seven beautiful girls, including the Brit Karla Romano, for the sordid tale of the Masturbatrix.

Blonde Hungarian Kitty Sixx sits in her flat surrounded by toys of every shape, size and colour. She lives to wank and wanks to live. As she plays with herself she fantasises and her dreams become more and more outrageous. First there are two rubber-clad nurses and a patient wrapped in bandages, next it's her friend's wedding with the bride being smeared in wedding cake and fucked from end to end by her new husband and the best man.

In the third fantasy Karla, dressed in a flowing pink dress, is in a dungeon where a corseted vampiress (Honey Winter), in thigh length black boots, is waiting to sink her fangs into her fanny. Sucking on Honey's tits, Karla slips a long gel dildo deep into the vampire's pussy, twirling the end as it goes in. She then uses a double pronged toy on herself filling both her pussy and arse. Honey grabs it, rocking it rapidly between the holes. With Karla's tits dangling in front of Honey's face she bites and chews at the nipples as plastic is pushed in her pussy. Honey bends a double ended dong in two, forcing one end in Karla's fanny and the other up her arse. The toy springs out so Karla fills herself with fingers. As Honey plunges her teeth into Karla's neck she orgasms.

Karla is also involved in the next dream, assisting ring master Lara Stevens to control a group of guys in animal masks at the circus. Let out of their cages, the guys sit around the sawdust-strewn ring watching Karla strip Lara. The girls then work their way along the guys, wanking and sucking their dicks. Surrounded by a forest of cocks, Lara's head darts left and right as she licks at their heads. Karla deep throats two guys at the other side of the ring. Getting one of the masked men to lie down, Karla slides her bum over his cock, wriggling the shaft right up her arse. Bending her over and ripping her fishnet tights, the guys grunt as they take Lara anally. With bums full, both girls lie back to be DP'd. Finally cock after cock fires its load into the girls open mouths and spunk dribbles down their chins and drips onto their tits.

As you would expect from Private, the film Masturbatrix is beautifully set and shot, with the girls looking great in their make-up and costumes. Frank Thring shows he is a master at filming at night or on dimly lit sets. But beware, you could have nightmares. A very good DVD with the usual host of extras from Private.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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