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Released: 2005
Director: Jimmy D
Notes: Maximum Xposure
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Running time: 86 mins.

Maximum Xposure is one of those companies with the infuriating habit of putting 8 minutes of premium rate adverts at the start of their films which the DVD player will not jump over. When you do get to the film it's a bit of a let down. Six girls including Roxanne Hall, Nadia Nyce and Wanda Curtis in five shortish scenes, but there is nothing which hangs them together.

The film starts with Roxanne massaging Maliya Madison on the sofa in a large stone built house. The girls talk about the Mistress Club which gets them hot and horny. Removing Maliya's pinstriped bra and panties, Roxanne licks her boobs as her fingers find their way to her fanny. Slipping out of her own top, Roxanne lets Maliya suck at her tits before she works her way down her body, her tongue playing over her pussy. The girls pick up a couple of toys and start to wank. Maliya moans as her juices start to flow and Roxanne pulls at her nipples as she plunges the dildo into her damp hole. With shouts and screams the two climax.

The film seems very disjointed, a couple of the scenes having dialogue the rest looking like hotel shot gonzo. Even the Roxanne Hall scene isn't up to much, poor angles and very short. Give the film a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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