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Released: 2004 (2008 for DVD)
Director: John Chalk
Notes: Viv Thomas / Playboy TV (originally an Adult Channel series)
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Running time: 99 mins.

With microphone in hand and a camera crew by her side, Sammy sets off round the cities of Europe trying to pair together guys and girls in The Mating Game. Sammy's intros and parts of the scenes were originally shown on Playboy TV in 2004.

In a wet Amsterdam, Sammy wanders the streets with Paul. The girls she approaches reject the idea of a date, until she meets Silvia. After a session of sight seeing, the three head back to a flat. Paul is reluctant to make the first advances so Sammy takes over. The girls caress as they strip. Sammy slips down Slivia's body to lick at her clit. Moaning, she slides in a finger. Screwing round, Sammy lowers herself onto Silvia's face to be licked. Paul gets an idea as to what's required and joins in. Sammy films the two as they fuck doggy. Paul pops his load over her boobs.

Next stop for Sammy is Rome, where Natalia is looking for girl-on-girl action. Claudia agrees to go back to the hotel with the girls and the Champagne flows. Watching the pair fingering themselves, Sammy puts down her camera to join in. Tongues and fingers dart into fannies as the three play on the bed.

Back in London, Roxy wants to do a film shoot. Leaving her at the studio, Sammy scours the west end to find a guy. Danny agrees to assist and heads to the studio with Sammy. Stripping off his shirt, Danny helps Roxy out of her blouse and bra. He drops his pants to let her lick at his length. With Roxy filling herself with a toy, Sammy removes her black lingerie and joins in. Roxy laps at her pussy, then turns to be taken doggy by Dan on the sofa. Astride his shaft, Roxy eases her self down to ride Danny cowgirl. The two drop onto their sides to shag spoons. A little more riding, this time reverse, and Danny fires his cum on Roxy's stomach.

Daria and Rudy are a couple of Czech swingers looking for a good time in Prague. If finding single guys and girls wasn't hard enough for Sammy, finding a couple could almost be impossible. Eventually Sammy's endless collarings pay off and the gaggle head off. Ushered into a spacious appartment, the couples play with boobs and suck dicks. Sammy wanders between them with her camera. Moving to the bedroom, Sammy kicks off her denim skirt and joins the four on the bed. The two girls lap at Sammy's body as they get fucked doggy. Changing guys, they fall flat to the bed and continue shagging. Sammy shifts as the guys start to shower the girls with spunk.

Moving eastwards, Sammy arrives in Budapest where Linda is looking for a guy. Having found a suitable candidate it's off to the flat for some fun and games. The guy does a sexy strip and the girls join in. Sammy pulls at Linda's pussy, letting the guy lick. Shifting him aside, she tastes the pussy for herself. Kneeling, Linda guides the guy's dick into her mouth and sucks. Down on all fours, he's barely penetrated her when he cums. With the session being over so quickly, Sammy performs a solo by the window.

The last city on Sammy's tour is Paris, although her challenge there is a little different; she has to find a date for herself. Picking up a girl and a bottle of wine, it's off to the flat. Sammy slips her hand under the girl's dress and rubs at her white panties. Pulling down her top, she plays with her tits. Easing a silver vibe into the girl's pussy, Sammy licks. Her own black knickers off, Sammy spreads her legs on a deep leather chair. The girl's tongue dances over Sammy's clit. The two kiss.

Those who are hoping for oodles of unseen footage in this film will be sadly disappointed. Almost half the running time is spent with Sammy trolling around the streets interviewing potential partners. The sex, when it comes, is brief and uses some of the footage from Sammy's small hand held camera, making it dull and slightly grainy. Sammy-Jayne fans may like this offering, but for most The Mating Game will be a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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