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Released: 2004
Director: Belladonna
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Belladonna: My Ass is Haunted
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 237 mins.

Belladonna has a reputation for producing hard hitting, no holes barred, films. Taking some of the 'naughtiest' girls in the business, she has come up with four hours of gaping, girl-on-girl action.

When she arrives for a check up, a rubber clad Julie Night gets more than she expects from her examination with nurse Kimberly Kane.

With her tiny red horns, the devilish Melissa Lauren turns Kyla Marie's life into hell as she probes her arse.

Dressed in a habit, Katja Kassin kneels to pray and is joined by nun Roxy. Katja confesses to thoughts of having her ass stuffed and wants forgiveness. Roxy decides the only option is to punish Katja for her evil thoughts. Getting her down on all fours, she lifts her habit to give her a spank. Taking her crucifix-shaped toy, Roxy plants it in Katja's bum. Stretching this sinner's hole, Roxy laps at Katja's pussy. She wants her to repent. Roxy also has an admission. She too has had evil thoughts. She removes her habit to reveal a blue dildo tucked into her knickers. Grabbing the toy, Katja plunges it into Roxy's arse. Naked, the girls lie on top of each other plundering their bums. Upended, Roxy lets out a moan as Katja slips two, three, then four fingers into her pussy. Another cry rings out as Katja laps at Roxy's arse. Roxy responds by pushing the toe of her black boot into Katja's pussy. Filling each other's holes, the girls 69. Placing a dildo on the coffee table, Roxy guides the plastic prick into Katja and tongues at the gaping hole. The two lock their legs together and grind away before DP'ing with their toys. Prostrate on the floor, both girls are forgiven.

A photo shoot turns into something a little more risqué when Ryan Conner turns up at Belladonna's apartment.

Dressed in a fishnet body stocking, a pregnant Belladonna stands at the bottom of her basement stairs awaiting Isabel. She arrives and teeters down the steps. The girls squeeze each other's boobs. Dropping to her knees, Belladonna laps and fingers Isabel through the open crotch in her blue fishnets. She turns to have her bum probed. Sitting on the stairs, Isabel hooks the heels of her shoes under the handrail. Belladonna thrusts a glass shaft into Isabel's pussy and works away until her juices drip onto the tread. Isabel pulls and licks at Belladonna's swollen pussy lips and slips in a coloured toy. The girls move across the room. Propped against a wall, Isabel has her arse prized open and a beaded glass rod inserted. Isabel tastes her own juices. Holding a huge black cone against the wall, the girls take turns gagging on it. Belladonna attempts to ease the saliva covered cone past her pussy lips. Isabel gets no further inserting the toy into her ass. Fishnets ripped open, Isabel crams Belladonna's foot inside her mouth, then sticks it into her arse. Pushed back on her shoulders, Belladonna takes Isabel's fingers in her pussy. Hanging half off a stool, Belladonna shoves a toy the size of a baseball bat into Isabel's bum and squirts in a bottle of lube. The clear gloopy liquid runs over her pussy and plops on the floor.

In addition to four hours of film, the 2 DVD set contains almost 45 minutes of behind the scenes bonus material, as well as other footage from Belladonna and the cast.

For those looking for a gentle, romantic girl-on-girl movie, this is not for you. The action is intense throughout and when Belladonna is involved it sometimes edges towards the brutal. Both Brits give good accounts of themselves, but by the end of Isabel's scene it's a wonder she can walk. My Ass Is Haunted is clearly aimed at devotees of ultra-hardcore.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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