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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Rest of cast: Kyle Phillips, Dana & Chris Charming, Kim & Robert Scott, Candy & John Strong, Lexi & Hunter.

  • Theme: 'Married Women'
  • Style: Gonzo

Overall rating: 2 out of 5 (possibly a 1 out of 5)

Here we have the second Married Women Fantasies title. A film promising "Real Cheating Bitches". I only wish it was real cheating bitches, because then the husbands of the "real cheating bitches" might have shown up and done what any husband who is a victim of a cheating wife would do ... get violent and hopefully beat the hell out of the person that made this terrible piece!

However, there is a ray of light and that comes in our top British talent, Summer Nite. She opens the film and boy was I thankful for that. The scene itself doesn't really cover any new ground, opening with Summer masturbating on the bed, when her husband walks in and they proceed to have sex. There is a slightly humorous conversation before the action when Summer asks her "husband" not do his special 'thing'. He agrees and they go at it. Summer looks very sexy in her all over tan and curvaceous figure. Kyle Phillips, with whom she does the scene, isn't the muscle bound type of some porn stars, but that's a welcome change, and, to be fair, he does give Summer a good seeing to. They do the usual positions such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy etc., but there is a nice touch in the middle where they do some standing sex, including a very hot-looking leg up hitch. The scene ends with us discovering what his special 'thing' is and Summer compromises her dislike of it by allowing him to do it, as long as she gets presents. The scene is pretty good and is the best scene in the film, the money shot is a little weak however. This scene I would give a 3 and half out of 5.

The rest of this film is very disappointing. The second scene is actually quite good with some hot hard action, but the third scene is one of the worst porn scenes I have ever seen in my life, truly terrible. This third and the fourth scene are also ruined by music. The fourth scene you can't even hear coz of the inappropriate music, except right at the end when, after the finish shot, the music does go off, and really I think is quite a slight to the viewer. The fifth scene is OK. Once again music spoils it and the finish is weak. I believe there are at least two real married couples in this film which is an added kink, but I don't see any validity in the claim "real cheating bitches".

The DVD version has some extras which are nothing special. Overall the Summer Nite scene is good and the second scene is good, but it really isn't worth buying in my opinion. Overall 2 out of 5 or 1 out of 5, depending how generous I am.

Review by Steven Stone
August 2006

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