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Released: 2003
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

In this autobiographical piece, Steve Hooper plays photographer Viv Thomas who is widely known for his love of women's legs and feet. In five episodes, Viv takes us through his early life and some memorable experiences.

At a family party, guest Karina Clarke has a headache and, unbeknown to Viv, is sleeping in his room. When he finds her he does what any 18 year old would do: wank off over her feet. Karina wakes and having drunk the sperm on her legs, goes in search of Viv, who is having a beer in the kitchen. He needs little persuading to return to the bedroom and, like any 18 year old, is raring to go again. The pair have sex on the bed, which ends with another cum shot over Karina's feet.

Viv has a girlfriend, played by Hungarian Stella Sinclair, who is mad on shoes. She asks Viv's advice on which ones to wear so he chooses a pair from the dozens lying around. Close proximity to Stella's feet lead to the inevitable and they have sex on the bed.

Now Viv is a grease monkey in a car repair workshop. Summer plays a secretary in the office who patrols the workshop wearing very short dresses and exquisite shoes, giving Viv the eye. Eventually Viv goes to the office and asks for a close look at Summer's shoes, he then sucks her toes and grinds her foot into his groin. The following day Summer flashes her g-string at Viv, which results in another session in the office where Viv wanks over her feet. Finally, on the third day, Summer has left off her knickers altogether and flashes to Viv as he lies under a van. Moments later he's in the office and the pair get carried away and have sex, in several positions, on the office desk. After cumming over her feet again Viv is ordered from the office as Summer regains her senses.

Viv has become obsessed with an older married woman, played by Angie George. He has been sending her a single red rose every week. Initially she tells him she is too old and has a son nearly his age. But Viv is persistant and gets her out for a drink and then back to the bedroom. Dark haired Angie, dressed all in black down to her underwear, stockings and shoes, looks sensational and after prolonged foreplay takes charge and mounts Viv cowgirl style. More positions follow and the scene ends with the obligatory cum shot over her feet.

Finally Viv says he's at a business dinner in Coventry (although it's actually Budapest) where Rita Faltoyano is a guest. They are attracted and Viv slips her his room number. The following morning Rita arrives at his room and wordlessly they have sex on the bed finishing with Viv's inevitable explosion over her feet.

This is porn of the highest order. All the women are extremely attractive with superb legs and feet which the camera lingers over. It's testament to their overall beauty that a star like Rita actually looks short and round by comparison. The styling is excellent as is the lighting, camerawork and most surprisingly, the music soundtrack.

Steve Hooper is perfectly believable as Viv Thomas and delivers his lines well. It is also a very pleasant surprise to discover that both Summer and Angie can act a bit and they provide quite convincing performances, which only adds to the eroticism of their scenes.

Quality product from a man who knows what he's doing and is prepared to put it on videotape.

Review by Bayleaf

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