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Released: 2002 (2006 for DVD)
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Viv Thomas Productions / Playboy Uncut (originally a Playboy TV / Adult Channel series)
Alternate Titles
  • Man Eater
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 101 mins.

Viv Thomas is the master of sensual erotic films and Maneater starring Sammy-Jayne falls into that category. Originally shot for TV in 2002 the film has been released this year (2006) in its uncut R18 version.

Dr Sammy-Jayne is a sex therapist who is visiting Europe as part of her studies and to find her true self. Each scene covers one day of her trip.

Monday. After listening to a group session, Sammy-Jayne is left alone with Atilla, the course leader. She has an admission - she has a problem with men. He wants to help her work through it. Slipping down the top on her white sun dress, he tweaks her nipples. She lifts her hem to let him lap at her pussy. Leaning over a striped chair, Sammy-Jayne is finger fucked. She strips and sits, letting Atilla work away between her legs. His cock out, Sammy-Jayne runs her tongue over its length. It doesn't feel right, but with a few words of encouragement she soon has it in her mouth. Sammy-Jayne stands to be taken from behind. Atilla sits and she slides herself down his dick. The two move to the table and her fingers, with their red painted nails, play with his balls as she is fucked missionary. Turning over, the session ends with Atilla pulling out of her pussy and covering her back in spunk.

Tuesday. Writing her notes up in a rustic restaurant, Sammy-Jayne is becoming impatient with waiter James. He is more interested in Dixie in her black and white uniform than serving. She calls the pair over and tells Dixie to give him a blow job. She drops to the floor to fill her face with James's man meat. Dixie lies on the table, the cloth rucked up under her body as Sammy-Jayne licks at her smoothly shaven cunt. James moves behind her and pumps at her pussy. With James lying down the girls kiss, Dixie sitting on his face and Sammy-Jayne riding his cock. The trio moan as the bench slowly rocks. Stretched out on the table, Sammy-Jayne is shagged. Dixie chews at her tits. The girls swap places, James placing his prick in Dixie's arse. Kneeling, he jerks off over the pair and their tits drip with cum.

Wednesday. Sammy is lounging in a pool surrounded by candles. The water reflects off her silver bikini as Tom enters. Sammy-Jayne wants to seduce a man and he has unknowingly volunteered. He climbs in beside her, running his leg over her body. The pair start to kiss. Teasingly she makes Tom suck her toes. Then he slowly makes his way up her legs. Lifting herself onto the pool side, droplets of water run down her boobs and over her pussy. Sammy-Jayne lets Tom lick at her pussy, throwing herself back as his fingers slide into her wet fanny. With Tom working his tongue into her cunt, Sammy-Jayne's glistening body jerks with pleasure. She bends over and Tom's cock presses against her pussy. She sighs as it enters. The two end up lying side by side as he thrusts deep into her damp hole. The scene ends with Sammy-Jayne getting showered in jizz. She has fulfilled her ambition.

Thursday. Wanting to extend her knowledge, Sammy-Jayne crouches on a spiral staircase in her white negligee to watch Tyler and Atilla in action on the pool table. As she caresses her cunt the two spot Sammy-Jayne on the stairs. She walks over to offer advice. Taking Atilla's cock in her hand she slowly starts to wank then shows how to give a blow job. Plenty of tongue is needed. Sammy-Jayne then turns her attention to Tyler's pussy. It is dripping wet and she laps at the juices. Tyler guides her boyfriend's cock between Sammy-Jayne's legs, bending to lick at his balls, before getting a chance to ride him herself. Putting her leg on Atilla's shoulder, Tyler is fucked in the fanny. Pushing his cock into her arse, Sammy-Jayne joins in with her fingers to make her climax. Finishing Atilla off doggy, Sammy-Jayne takes his jizz over her back then leaves the pair.

Friday. In a sexy red dress and stockings, Sammy-Jayne asks barman Tom for a wine. She notices he has slipped something into her drink and gets him to join her in a glass, swapping the two over. Tom starts to feel strange and, sitting on a bar stool, Sammy-Jayne decides to take advantage of him. Unzipping his trousers, she lifts out his cock and runs her lips along its length. Hitching up her dress, she lets him finger fuck her, then lies back over two stools and watches his dick enter her pussy in the ceiling mirrors. The two climb onto the bar where the action continues, Sammy-Jayne being filled from behind. Back on the stools she lifts a leg high in the air and wraps the other round Tom's back, pulling him in. She moans gently as they hump, Tom pulling out to coat her pussy in cream.

Final Day. Sammy-Jayne is talking to Atilla. The pair watch as Tiffany and Ricardo play with each other at the other side of the pool. Sammy-Jayne now feels more confident with guys and to prove it she gives him a blow job while Ricardo munches on Tiffany's minge. Sammy-Jayne leans on the table as Atilla eases his cock into her pussy. Tiffany calls the two over to join them. Sitting in the pool, the girls suck on the guys' members before being taken doggy. They swap partners and go for a ride, Sammy-Jayne cowgirl, Tiffany reverse. Climbing out of the water, Tiffany pulls on her bum cheeks and takes Atilla in the arse. Sammy-Jayne fingers at her pussy as she is shagged from behind. The girls kneel to have their faces spattered then all four jump back in the pool.

Viv Thomas has used his years of experience to produce a great sexy erotic picture. The build up and pace of each scene is just about right and the action is hot without being too wild or over the top. Appearing in all six scenes, Sammy-Jayne looks stunning throughout, as were the other girls. The only slight downer is that the English of the cast isn't really strong enough to carry the plot, but with Sammy-Jayne's narration it's no big problem. A bottle of wine and Maneater on the TV and you're set up for the night.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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