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Released: 2004
Director: John Graham
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Running time: 84 mins.

Majella's days are full of hot girl-on-girl sex and sucking pussy if her lesbian fantasies are to be believed. Even if they aren't it's nice to see her perform with five different girls for this film.

Waking in her pink and white bed, Majella tweaks her nipples and plays with her pussy as blonde Angelica enters the room. She sits on the bed, kissing and caressing Majella as she slips off her black top to have her large breasts sucked. Majella laps at Angelica's body working her way past her naval to her black knickers where she tongues at her clit. Angelica turns onto all fours and Majella dives between her legs, burying her face in the damp pussy. The pair move to 69, licking and fingering. A blue toy is then pushed deep into Majella's wet snatch and worked till she sighs with pleasure. Having cum the girls hug and kiss.

Majella enters Soo's bedroom in a black summer dress and immediately slides her fingers into her pussy as Soo sucks on her erect nipples. Majella strips and lies back on the bed while Soo runs her pierced tongue over her body. Majella goes down on Soo's hairy pussy, pulling her lips apart to get to her love button. The girls position themselves to work on each other's pussies, Soo taking mouthfuls of swollen labia. Soo runs a vibrator over Majella's breast then works it between her legs till she climaxes.

Nadia's next in the bedroom. In simple summer dresses and sand shoes, the girls kiss on the bed. The dress straps slip off the pair's shoulders to reveal their pert tits and erect nipples. Nadia fingers Majella then goes to chew on her pierced clit while she has her neatly trimmed snatch sucked. Sitting on Majella's face Nadia leans forward to finger her wet fanny. A clear vibrator is produced and popped into Nadia's juicy love box. The girls then rub and grind their pussies together, arching their backs as they orgasm.

Majella and Marie B are off for a shower. Dropping their towels they play the water over each other then rub in the soap to get nice and clean. The soapy water gets the pair horny, Majella lathering Marie's hairy pussy then showering the soap suds off before examining her clit with her tongue. The action has Majella's nipples nice and hard and Marie fondles and sucks at them as she fingers herself. Majella leans against the wall, legs apart for Marie to access her pussy and suck on her large pink lips. The girls remove the shower head and play the jet of water over their pussies, Majella's lips quivering with the force of the water. With her legs trembling she cums. The girls kiss and dry themselves down.

The final scene takes place at the gym. Majella and Charlie have had such a good workout they have to take their tops off to cool down. After pumping iron, Charlie suggests she gives Majella a massage. Covering her back with oil she slides her hands up and down followed by her tits. Majella turns for another coating of oil, Charlie working it around her breasts then down into her pussy before massaging the clit with her tongue. Having finished on the outside Charlie slips two fingers in to massage Majella's love box. It's now Charlie's turn to be oiled. Majella caresses her body then slides three fingers between her legs. Bringing two toys out of her bag Majella works the larger deep into Charlie's cunt, then uses a rabbit vibrator on herself. The girls continue to play with each other as they 69, fingering and licking pussy till they shake with excitement. It's then time to leave.

Majella's Lesbian Fantasies is an enjoyable girl-on-girl film with short but nicely-constructed scenes. Majella is well supported by the other girls and all look as if they are enjoying themselves. A good erotic film to watch with a nice bottle of wine.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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