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There are two scenes on this eighty minute long R18 tape, both shot outside on a sunny, mediterranean estate.

In the first scene, Tracy Williams explains to the camera that her friend has never been with another woman and Tracy wants to record this momentous event. We then follow her to the garden, finding her friend, Shakina Shergold, sun-bathing in her underwear. Shakina, as one might expect, needs no encouragement and they begin making out on the sun-bed.

Shakina and Tracy take turns licking and fingering each other's pussies. Shakina confesses that she came prepared and pulls out a bag of sex toys. Tracy straps on a strap-on and proceeds to fuck Shakina with it. Both girls then make use of a double-ended dong, with Tracy either cumming or putting on a convincing performance. The scene ends with more snogging and the girls walking back to the villa arm in arm.

In the background there is enough bird-song to keep an ornithologist entertained for hours, which certainly makes a difference from the cheesy soundtrack music that normally plays. The strong sun-light actually works against the filming, causing lens flares and casting shadows.

In the second scene Suzy Jarman and another blonde girl [same one as in Amateur Action Vol. 1, scene 3] are sunbathing, naked, by the pool. They spend a long time chatting, drinking and putting on sun-tan lotion. Breaking the rule of smoking after sex, they have a cigarette each.

Eventually the pool-cleaning guy is called over to witness the girls having fun. The girls engage in mutual masturbation, with fingers and with a double-ended dildo.

The pool guy is rewarded for his patience by getting a two-girl blow job, which includes having wine poured on his cock and licked off. He then has doggy style sex with one of the girls, but all too soon he pulls out to provide a cum-shot. It is very disappointing that the one boy/girl sequence in the movie is so short, especially after such a long build up. 'More filler than fill her', the producers could have cut at least twenty minutes of improvised dialogue and smoking, saved some BBFC certification money and saved viewers from reaching for the fast-forward. Not good.

The Shakina/Tracy scene was worth watching, but there are better British videos and better UK4PLAY videos. Get 'Limo Lust' instead.

Review by Mr Anon

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