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Notes: Anita F
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(Anita F, circa 1997)

Undubbed sound. i.e. English performers speak English and so do some of the other performers who also speak their own language.

  • Apparently a photosession with Marina Curran (credited as Marina Leone) and Vinnie Curran as models dressed as scuba divers (but Vinnie has a toy plastic lifebelt around him) sitting in a rubber dinghy. There is some problem and the photographer is on the phone to Anita F. Meanwhile Marina and Vinnie start to make love and the photographer goes off somewhere. Vinnie gets a blowjob and she gets a licking and he uses a snorkel to rub her pussy. The photographer returns and gets a blowjob. The photographer then fucks Marina while Vinnie wanks. They break off for Marina to pee which she does - in Vinnie's mouth. The photographer fucks Marina doggy style while Vinnie pisses in her mouth. She then gets a facial from the photographer while Vinnie fucks her from behind. Vinnie then comes round to give her a facial while the photographer seems to piss on her back. Then Vinnie pisses on her back.
  • Josie Wood (credited as Josie Collins), looking spectacular in black leather thigh boots and black leather jacket and nothing else, lies on a bed masturbating. Lucy Kent, in red fishnet stockings and red bra and panties, joins her for lesbian action. They get into a 69 position in which Josie gets a dildo DP and Lucy gets a fist (vaginal) and dildo (anal) DP. They look up to discover a frogman is watching them (Yves Baillat). They say he must be hot in that outfit and then help him to undress. Josie gives him a blowjob while he puts a finger up Lucy's arse. He goes down on both of them after getting a joint blowjob. He fucks Josie (cowgirl) then Lucy (reverse cowgirl and spoon) and then Josie (missionary and spoon) and anally (spoon and reverse cowgirl). Lucy gets a facial. Josie stands over Lucy and Yves pisses over Josie's thighs and Lucy's body, then on Josie's tits and mouth. Josie then pisses in Lucy's mouth (apparently not well received). Lucy pisses on Josie and Yves pisses on Lucy's arse and in Josie's mouth and she seems to swallow it.
  • Scene with plumpish brunette and two men. Similar scene, she is not a Brit.

Thanks to JJ for some details here.

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