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The vid is probably a promotional film showing what Tiffany Walker did at the time. 'The time' must be the period she did striptease shows at the Sunset Club in London. Horace Ward's recordings of striptease shows performed at the Sunset (also featuring Tiffany) date from 1996/97. It is plausible that 'My Name is Tiffany' dates from that period too.

Scene 1: Striptease scene. Tiffany enters the stage in a short pink dress, long white stockings and a pink bow in her hair. She dances up and down on the stage, sometimes showing her knickers. She unbuttons her dress and shows her tits. Then she sits down on the floor, showing her bum first and her crotch afterwards. She rises again and strips off her knickers. She lifts her dress, then lowers it, baring her tits. At last she drops her dress and steps out of it. Now naked apart from her stockings, she keeps dancing, often squatting and showing her pussy to the audience. She is making jerky movements with her abdomen. Finally she leaves the stage amidst applause, blowing a kiss to the audience.

Scene 2: Tiffany is lying on a bed in a bikini (white with black ornaments), white knee socks and high-heeled shoes. She has pulled up her bra and is playing with her breasts. Later she is caressing her crotch. Suddenly the bra has gone. She is playing with her knickers for some time before she pulls them aside. She repeats this game twice: on her knees, filmed from behind, and lying on her back again. She starts masturbating. Her knickers have gone. She is smoking a cigarette with her pussy and really manages to keep the stub burning. Finally she brings herself to an orgasm, first lying on her back, then on her belly, then on her back again, groaning loudly. She rises and dances, gently caressing her body. The video, which lasts 27 minutes, ends with a very short shot of Tiffany wearing a straw hat and a tie, then a shot of Tiffany naked on the bed again.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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