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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Dagmar, (Slovak), curly blonde hair, groped, goes down on her, blow job, full sex
  • Tiffany (Walker), uses dildo on her, frigs her, she uses dildo on herself while wanking him, blowjob, goes down on her, full sex
  • Debbie Carr and Donna [3], les, as Kinky Wrinkly 3
  • Angie (Angelique of Kinky Wrinkly 4, same scene), strip, masturbation, frigs her, uses dildo on her and she uses it on herself, full sex, no blow job
  • Suzan, brunette, tattoo right breast, dominatrix, dildo, frigging, blowjob, full sex
  • Katie (Jeanny Bukes), dildo, blow job

Middle_Aged_Dutchman's view:

'Naughty British girls, eager to make porno movies, chat with Charlie the cameraman and show off their bodies. The shows were made in Charlie's flat, mainly on his bed and the girls' natural charm make them dynamite. If you want to see some sexy, genuine first timers, these are for you!'

This is the description on the website of Your Choice. Charlie is none other than Marcus Allen himself, who is perhaps the world's oldest porn star. The film starts with previews of the six scenes. And then:

Scene 1: Dagmar - A blonde girl in a bra, knickers and nylons is lying on a bed. (According to the BGAFD database she is a Slovak). She is conversing with Marcus (off screen). Marcus nestles himself against her, naked. They kiss. He takes off her bra and licks her breasts. She removes her knickers and he starts to play with her pussy. She gives him a blowjob. They fuck cowgirl style for some time. Then she resumes the blowjob, alternating it with a handjob.

Scene 2: Tiffany - Tiffany Walker, looking very young, lies on a bed in a petticoat and stockings. Marcus, in shorts, caresses her breasts and then her pussy with a dildo. He rubs her pussy with cream. She inserts the dildo into her pussy. Immediately he takes over the dildo and fucks her with it. She produces his cock and does a handjob and a blowjob on him. He lies down next to her, naked now, licks her breasts and kisses her. He puts two fingers into her pussy and eats it for a little while. Then he uses his fingers again and licks her breasts. They fuck cowgirl style for some minutes. They finish the scene masturbating together.

Scene 3: Deb & Donna - A blonde and a black-haired girl in short dresses are cuddling. They undress each other, lick each other's tits and feel each other's pussy. The blonde starts eating the other girl's pussy. Soon it's 69, the blonde still with her knickers on. The blonde masturbates her friend with a dildo. Marcus Allen appears on screen for a moment, just to take off the blonde's knickers. Now the black-haired girl fucks the blonde's pussy, and for a short time also her anus, with the dildo. Meanwhile the blonde fingers her friend.

Scene 4: Angie - A black-haired girl is lying on a bed in long gloves, a bra, knickers, suspender-belt, nylons and high-heel shoes. She is playing with her pussy. Slowly she undresses, except for the suspender-belt and the nylons. Marcus Allen, stripped to the waist, rubs her pussy with cream and fucks her with a dildo. She takes over the dildo. He lies down beside her, fingers her and licks her tits. He removes his trousers and they fuck, cowgirl style, for a while. At last she cuddles him while he wanks himself off. He squirts over her.

Scene 5: Suzan - A curly brunette with a bra leaving her breasts bare, a suspender-belt, nylons, long boots and some tattoos is sitting on a bed. Marcus Allen, off screen, interviews her. He appears on screen to give her a vibrator and to rub her pussy with cream. Gently she fondles her clitoris with the vibrator. Marcus Allen, naked now, lies down beside her and licks her breasts. He helps her fondling her clitoris; she comes twice. Marcus masturbates her with two fingers in her pussy. Suzan gives him a handjob and a blowjob. They fuck cowgirl style; the bed is creaking noisily. Another short blowjob and finally he wanks himself off and squirts over her.

Scene 6: Katie - Katie (Jeanny Bukes) is a blonde with a nosebud. She is wearing a suspender belt, nylons and a top and masturbates with a dildo. Marcus Allen, still in his clothes, obligingly pours some cream on her pussy. She goes on masturbating. Marcus returns and starts feeling her breasts. She produces his dick and gives him a blowjob. Suddenly she is masturbating again. Marcus Allen, naked now, nestles himself against her and starts licking her tits. She puts aside her dildo and they masturbate each other, kissing. She removes her top. After a short blowjob they fuck cowgirl style. After another short blowjob he jerks off and squirts, while she is watching. The scene ends with a kiss.

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