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Notes and Reviews

1. Vida Garman and Kai Nobel put on a lesbian show in front of two naked men to make them erect. Vida is finger fucked and then she licks Kai and teases the men's cocks with her whip. The scene ends with Kai beginning a blowjob on one of the men.

5. Sammi Jessop, strip for photo shoot.

7. Gina Wildes, supposedly in a club, but only three men present sitting around a table, does a pole dance and strip then invites one of the men on to the stage and sucks him off. This turns into a gang bang with facials and would have been really erotic if it had been in a real club with a real audience in addition to the three males.

8. Scene 1 is continued with Kai Nobel taking on both men to Vida's instructions - anal and facial. Vida sits on the face of one of the men.

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