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Released: 1994
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • money for no thing Sex for Free exact on-screen title
  • Money for Nothing
  • Sex for Free
  • Weapon Dealer
Notes and Reviews

In the early 90's Lindsay Honey was making films on the Continent for Private as Steve Perry. This is one of the best. Just enough plot to glue all the scenes together, enough humour and action to make it interesting and enough top totty getting fucked to satisfy anyone. Although only two of the cast are Brits one is a rare performance by Rasheen, while Kai Nobel and Rebecca Lord are the best that Europe provided.

The film opens in Spain, with Kai Nobel and Jean Yves le Castel, having just got married, looking for a house for their honeymoon. They are looking for number 69, while at number 99 a drugs gang is holed-up.

In the garden of number 99 Sybille Lanson brings tea for Alberto Rey and Mike Foster. They decide to have Sybille instead and the action includes anal and a reverse cowgirl DP. Next, David Perry and Alberto Rey leave the house and the first house number 9 slips, in a real Fawlty Towers moment, forming a 6 just as the newlyweds pass by. The guys rendezvous with Rebecca Lord, who has the drugs, then drive out, in a vintage Bugatti, to a quiet road for sex over the bonnet.

Meanwhile the front door is opened by Rasheen (the key doesn't fit!), who seems unfazed by the arrival of unexpected guests, and shows them to a bedroom. While JY goes for a shower, Kai gets a little gold dildo to work on Rasheen so that when JY returns she is good and wet for his very large tool. JY then turns to his wife, who still wears her bride's veil and white underwear, and doggy fucks her arse. Rasheen, who is underneath licking pussy, gets a facial at the end of the scene.

Another gang member, Frank Gunn, returns on a motorbike with Gilly Sampson (credited here as Stephanie Hart Rogers), dressed to kill in red leathers. While Frank counts the money, Mike appears and starts to strip Gilly, he doesn't need to go far as her outfit has a nice aperture exposing her pussy. Both guys then proceed to fuck her in the hall, including a reverse cowgirl DP, and cum over her pussy and face. All these scenes are intercut.

Kai and JY are suspicious of their surroundings, so she spies on a gang meeting. Unfortunately she is discovered and is gang-banged by David, Alberto and Frank. The scene includes a cowgirl DP and, impressively for such a tiny woman, vaginal DP. Meanwhile JY discovers Sybille licking Rasheen (in full Indian costume) in the bathroom. JY fucks Sybille while Rasheen helps out.

Later that night all the houseguests assemble for a party, seven guys including Brit stud Mark and 5 girls. Gilly is naked in the centre of the room with her back coated with whipped cream, which the guests are invited to lick off. The action is fast and furious but since most is shot quite close-up it's difficult to see who's doing who, suffice to say that most of the girls have the chance to sample all the studs. The scene ends with a flood of facials and, while the rest are sleeping, Kai and Jean Yves run off with the money.

The credits are the usual work of fiction, but credit goes to the camerawork of Freddie Morse and Ric Porter for some excellent work. Another quality movie, which makes you wonder why Lindsay/Steve/Ben only seems to do gonzo these days.

Review by Bayleaf

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