< Miss Bohrloch

Released: 1970
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: Tabu 72, 14 mins. Also on Tabu 6 Top-Hits video compilation
Alternate Titles
  • Miss Bawlock
  • Miss Bollock
  • Miss Borehole
  • Miss Borlock
Notes and Reviews

Mary Millington masturbates on a bed. Two men ring her up from a phone box, apparently from one of the cards advertising her 'drilling' services (hence the alternative title of Miss Borehole for this loop). She pops a ping pong ball out of her pussy. They arrive and a threesome begins. Unless these men had amazing stamina, this must have been filmed over quite a long time as she drains them on several occasions. She gives both a bj and sucks one to a facial. She is fucked and the man cums over her pussy. Another bj and second facial. Fucked again. Wanks one of the men to a cumshot. Rims one of the guys. Fucked, another cumshot.

There are two versions extant of this loop on compilations, neither of which are currently on sale. The version which was included on Blue Vanities 4 is just over 8 minutes long, has a musical overdub, and has suffered a left to right flip, perhaps in transfer to video. The version which was sold on a Your Scene tape is nearly 14 minutes long and is the right way round as can be seen from the fact that the name Miss Bohrloch appears on a nameplate. It has an overdubbed English soundtrack where Miss Bohrloch's voice has a fake Southern US accent. One of the men is given a posh accent and the other a Middle-Eastern or East European one. the latter is presumably the chauffeur of the former, but in a comedy touch, they leave the phone box riding on the same motor scooter.

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