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Released: 1999
Notes and Reviews

Mind Fuck - the Rush (Extreme Associates)

Review copy received from Adulteyecandy. Excellent picture quality, but see comment re lighting below.

Female cast - Sydnee Steele, Gwen Summers, Taylor St Claire, Jessica Darlin, Julie Meadows, T.J. Heart, Sabrina Johnson

This seems to be an attempt to use an arty, crime drama about a serial killer who apparently seduces his victims into perverse sexual acts before killing them as the price for 'the rush' they obtain, as a vehicle for a series of sex scenes. This is a bit more realistic than using an inferior Bruce Willis-type film for the same reason, as for example Flashpoint and similar videos. However, it still fails to be erotic, and for the same reasons.

It begins with detectives questioning a woman who claims that her ex-boyfriend has broken into her flat. The interrogation of this man is intercut. She claims he gradually corrupted her into perverse sex acts and got her to corrupt her friends also. (If some of the events briefly described, e.g. her getting her friend to come to a hotel room for sex with several men, while she and her boyfriend watched, were the basis of the sex scenes, it would have improved the video.) The interrogation of the suspect is the main basis for linking the sex scenes and it gradually emerges that he is a serial killer as above.

The sex scenes, however, belie the label. They are not extreme and not erotic as they contain no build-up and no dialogue. One does not see or hear the seduction. It just goes straight into the sex. The lighting is consistent to the film-noir feel which it is attempted to give the video. The first hard core act occurs 15 minutes into the video. The suspect sets up a blonde with another man, getting her to sniff the fumes from a small bottle, and then films them having sex to facial in a hotel room.

The second sex scene involves a couple having sex while being watched by another couple, the male observer wearing a military peaked cap.

The third is a sex scene between a blonde and a man outdoors from blow job through anal to facial.

Fourth is a sex scene between the suspect and a brunette to anal and facial.

The suspect then turns the interrogation on one of the detectives and there is a flashback to the detective having sex with two girls, one of whom is Sabrina Johnson whose talents are sadly wasted, after a lesbian session. there is no anal that I could see and the blonde takes the facial.

The video ends with the original complainant being told that they cannot hold her ex-boyfriend as there is no evidence. She then, bizarrely, is able to enter the police station and shoot him dead.

The search for an erotic porn video continues. Few makers of porn seem to be willing to make an effort to give their work erotic impact. What effort there is seems to be in finding themes to copy to provide excuses for showing sex. There is more eroticism in about 30 seconds of the film 10 where Bo Derek tells Dudley Moore what she likes to do to the accompaniment of Ravel's Bolero than in all the American porn movies made in the 1990s, with one or two exceptions.

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