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Released: 2008
Director: Johnny Rebel
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Watching Rude Britannia films is a little like going through a pile of oysters: Most of what's inside is disappointing, but you keep going in the hope you'll eventually turn up a pearl. Lipstick Lesbian Lovers is that little gem. Over four scenes we meet the cast of eight lovelies intent on some hot girl-on-girl action.

Alysha kneels on Johnny's bed. A selection of his vinyl collection hangs on the wall and the sexy Russian Olga Cabaeva is by her side. Pulling at Olga's green bra, Alysha sucks at her erect nipples then removes her own top to reveal a pair of pert boobs. Stripped, Alysha takes mouthfuls of Olga's pussy lips. The girls roll over. Alysha stiffens up as Olga buries her face in her fanny. Rubbing the palm of her hand against Alysha's clit, Olga laps away. Dribbling on her vibe, Alysha plants it into Olga's pussy. The two twist to 69. A second toy is found under the pillow. Flopping back, Alysha plays with it. Jabbing the vibrators between their legs, the girls tremble as they climax.

Lifting up her tight white top, Tallulah pushes her pierced nipples onto Lauren's face, then drops her black knickers. Her arse is filled with a glass butt plug. Pawing at Tallulah's pussy, Lauren licks at her bum and wraps her lips around the end of the plug. Dropping onto a chair, Lauren spreads her stocking clad legs and teases her clit as her bra comes off. Upended, she cries out when her bum is filled with a big pink dong. Tallulah adds a second toy to Lauren's pussy and sits on her face. It's now Tallulah's turn to be toyed with. Arms hooked under her knees, she holds herself open to take the two dildos. Lauren laps at her handy work. Bodies pressed together, the girls kiss and lick the well-used plastic phallus.

With hands up each other's short black dresses, Louise and Mika play on the bed. Straps slip off shoulders and the pair kiss and fondle each other's breasts. Relaxing back, Mika holds Louise against her shaven snatch. Her tongue darts out and explores. The two 69 with some frantic fanny fingering. Reaching for their toys, Louise lets out a sigh as the plastic prick enters her pussy. Mika moans when a ridged silver vibrator is eased between her legs. The girls grind themselves together till they orgasm.

Back in Johnny's bedroom, the camera focuses on identically dressed Loz and Shay. Peeling down Loz's pink-spotted sun dress, Shay sucks her nipples. Loz responds, letting her tongue wander over Shay's bare boobs. Hands move towards pink silk panties as buttons are undone. With Loz nice and wet, Shay slips in two fingers. Her tongue flicks out at Loz's clit. The two swap places on the bed. Fingers are popped into Shay's damp hole. Two toys appear from under the pillow. Loz pushes the smaller one into Shay's pussy and takes the other herself. The pair wank away with the buzzing vibrators. Their bodies stiffen as they cum.

Well shot, well lit and with decent editing, Lipstick Lesbian Lovers is miles better than most of Rude Britannia's recent releases. Whilst it's not vying for top spot in British adult film charts, it's perfectly enjoyable and shows that, with a little care, Rude Britannia can produce something worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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