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Released: 1983 (2008 for DVD)
Director: Arthur Ben aka Ron Dorfman
Notes: Caballero
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Running time: 84 mins.

Caballero have been scouring the archives for lost 70's and 80's classics to re-release on DVD. Here they have unearthed Lady Lust from 1983. The film presents Kimberly Carson and Edy Williams (Russ Meyer's ex-wife) in a tale of two sisters and their different ways of life. Kimberly is happily married to postman Paul Thomas, while Edy is the hedonistic owner of an art studio which houses erotic exhibitions.

During a short stay in New York, the girls explore each other's lifestyles in a mishmash of scenes featuring stars such as Sharon Mitchell and Jerry Butler. Confusingly, the British actress Paula Meadows appears to take three parts. She first appears as a cosmetic saleswoman in Kimberly's flat in a non-sex role, then as a leather and chain wearing guest in an orgy at one of Edy's wild parties. Finally, she turns up to give Paul Thomas a brief blow job while his wife is away.

Lady Lust is very long on words but short on story or sex. The action is cut into short snippets inserted at what appear to be the most inappropriate moments. As a part of 'adult film' history Lady Lust shows how much things have changed over the last 30 years. However, it is by no means a lost masterpiece.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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