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Released: 2008
Director: HJ
Notes: Evil Angel, compilation
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Running time: 161 mins.

Keep It Right There is a mixed bag of boy/girl scenes from director HJ, mostly shot in the Point of View style. Natalie Heck appears as Savannah in the best produced and longest scene, running at just under forty minutes. Other girls (Sindy Long and Vanity Cruz) aren't so fortunate, with their screen time cut to as little as thirteen minutes.

Starting the movie off, Natalie stands on the sun drenched balcony of her penthouse apartment, which overlooks the harbour. Sitting in her bright red bikini and matching shoes, she jiggles her boobs and paws at her pussy. Strolling indoors, she spreads out on the bed and starts to finger herself while dreaming of dick. Natalie's wishes come true as a guy appears with a bottle of oil to trickle on to and massage into her breasts. Rolling Natalie onto her stomach, he applies more oil and spanks her arse. Droplets pepper the camera lens. Undoing his pants, Natalie caresses the guy's balls as she licks at the big black cock. He climbs on to the bed beside her and a long session of spoons follows. Turning on to all fours, Natalie is fucked doggy, the guy's thighs slapping against her bum. The two turn over and Natalie's pussy stretches as she slides down his shaft. The session ends with Natalie kneeling and the guy dropping his load over her boobs.

If only the rest of the film was as good as the first scene. Unusually for Evil Angel it's the production as much as the content which lets down Keep It Right There. Five minutes into the third scene it reverts back to the beginning and the camerawork and lighting are also questionable in places. Whilst Natalie's scene is decent it doesn't save the movie. The overall impression given is poor.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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