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Released: 2004 (for DVD)
Director: Marcus Allen
Notes: Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Nothing remotely kinky in these hardcore auditions, unless you think that a fiftysomething guy wanting to get into the knickers of some lovely young totty is unusual. Porn business veteran Marcus Allen gets first crack at wannabee pornstars who he's recruited personally. For one or two girls these are the first performances of their long careers, but for the majority they are one-offs.

The scenes date from the pre-Viagra days of the mid nineties and as Marcus generally has trouble in maintaining wood the actual fucking never lasts more than five minutes. Video and audio quality is variable and it is often difficult to hear the replies to Marcus's questions. The scenes are well-enough lit to see what's going on and they are captured by a static camera, as we often see Marcus fiddling with the remote control or watching the video monitor over a model's shoulder as she bounces on his cock.

From the R18 editions I have seen so far, these are the best of the scores of scenes released previously with good looking girls getting the full, if brief, treatment. This series is like the Dead Sea Scrolls, fascinating for scholars but no match for contemporary material as an enjoyable read.

Chantel, a blonde of indeterminate origin, sits on the bed in a little black dress and has a nice chat with Marcus. Slow and easy dildo action, then sex in usual cowgirl. This time Marcus keeps it up well and Chantel swaps to reverse cowgirl, clearly watching herself on the video monitor. Oral and wank to climax over Chantel's tits.

Amanda (Toni Chilton) wears black undies and hold-ups as she has a lengthy chat with Marcus before he hands her the pink vibrator and lubes her pussy. Oral for Marcus before a sharp cut to penetration in cowgirl. This, by Marcus' standard, is lengthy sex (4 1/2 minutes) although all in the same position, and Toni seems to enjoy herself. Good visible reverse cowgirl then a mutual wank to climax. One of Marcus' better efforts.

Curvy Lucy lies on the bed in a white camisole and knickers. Her responses to Marcus' questions are monosyllabic but she warms up as he removes her pants and gets the pink vibe in her pussy. Marcus joins her on the bed for a bit of reverse cowgirl before he fingers her to climax and Lucy returns the favour.

Plain brunette Lena fingers herself while watching the monitor, then accepts the pink vibrator. There's no penetration here as Marcus only gets to lick Lena's pussy.

Danni wears a little black dress and nothing else as she takes the pink vibrator between her legs. She slips her nice big tits out as Marcus joins her on the bed. Extensive cock-sucking is followed by fucking in reverse cowgirl, a well-framed sequence which is one of the best sex scenes on the DVD. Danni swaps to r.cowgirl, pulls off her dress and rides Marcus until he comes inside her.

Pretty young Anna, in black lingerie, drinks coke (with rum?) while chatting to Marcus. She removes her bra and pants and fucks herself very satisfactorily with the pink dildo. Super figure, full bush but, just as Marcus's cock comes into view and things look interesting, he is only allowed to wank over her face and the scene ends. As does the whole film.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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