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Released: 2004
Director: Francois Clousot
Notes: Sin City
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 94 mins.

Hannah Harper may look the archetypal blonde rose for whom butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but behind that pure exterior lies a manipulative psychopath intent on revenge in Francois Clousot's film Kiss Me Deadly.

Following the brutal stabbing of her ex-boyfriend and his new lover August, Hannah is sent to a top security college to complete her studies.

Hannah's innocent looks and gentle demeanour rile the inmates and they confront her in the shower. Pulling off her towel, Bobbi Eden sends the other girls away. Hannah is her's. She grabs and squeezes Hannah's tits. To her surprise, rather than fighting back Hannah falls to her knees, her lips exploring Bobbi's body. Reaching Bobbi's pussy, Hannah's tongue laps and darts. She slips in a finger. Stroking Bobbi's blonde hair, Hannah takes her place on a bench, her legs apart to have her pussy licked. The two kiss.

With the college principle, Devon Michaels, screwing Chris Canon in her office and room mate Gia Jorden escaping to have sex with her boyfriend, Mr Pete, Hannah wanders the empty classrooms planning her revenge. She'll use teacher Steve St Croix as bait. A fight with Bobbi the next day sees the girls up in front of the principle. Bending over the desk, Hannah gets her bum spanked by Devon. Bobbi is sent to solitary for starting the fracas and ends up giving the guards blow jobs.

Seeing Gia is about to go out again, Hannah bludgeons her with a statue and climbs out the window in her place. Telling Mr Pete that Gia can't make it, Hannah climbs into his car. He thinks it's his lucky night - until Hannah does him in.

Steve opens the door to find Hannah in short black dress. How did she get there and what does she want? Unzipping his pants, it's his cock. Hannah takes him deep in her mouth. Her spit trickles over his balls as she swallows. Pushing Steve back on the sofa, she mounts his dick and starts to gyrate. Twisting round, she slips the cheb into her arse and slams against his thighs. Steve knows it's wrong but can't help himself from fucking her up the bum, missionary. He cums over Hannah's body. She must go back.

When Gia's body is found under the window, Hannah knows nothing. Steve has his suspicions and leaves. Hannah follows. He can't leave her now - he knows too much. A gun goes off as the police arrive... It was all Steve's fault.

Hannah has produced a lot of these 'good girl turned bad' movies where she combines her unsullied blonde looks with raw, hard sex. The story line in Kiss Me Deadly may not be Oscar winning, but Hannah and the other cast deliver their lines with conviction and carry the plot along. Kiss Me Deadly is a decent film with Hannah being good and naughty.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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