< Kelly's Way to Love DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Kelly Stafford
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco & Kelly 3 DVD available MMV
  • Rocco e Kelly Delirio Trans DVD available EPM / Rocco Siffredi Produzioni
Notes and Reviews

Written and directed by Kelly Stafford, the Evil Angel DVD includes an interview with her. The Italian DVD - Rocco e Kelly Delirio Trans - is uncut.

Kelly is met by Rocco's cousin at the airport - don't know why this brief snippet is there as it has nothing to do with the rest of the video.

Rocco goes to a group therapy session led by Krystal de Boor. The members are asked to talk about their problems. His is with Kelly and he relates why.

Cut to Kelly arriving at some luxurious pad dressed in a black basque and led in by Nacho Vidal holding her by a lead attached to her dog collar. They find three 'girls' (at least two are trans-sexuals) and Titof who is being sucked by one of the 'girls'. An orgy ensues with lots of rough sex and spitting. Kelly sucks and fucks every cock she can get her hands on regardless of its 'sex' but will have little to do with a dildo, though it is rammed up her behind at one point. She rims nearly everyone and at one point Nacho squats over her mouth and talks of shitting. She encourages the idea, but there is then a cut. She also gives a blowjob to Nacho in the toilet; so pissing is also implied (and takes place in the Italian version, Nacho pissing in her mouth). She takes lots of forceful anal and her usual messy facials, dragging the cum back out of her throat with her hand.

Back in the group therapy session, another male participant tells of his girlfriend going off with a female star to attend a coke party cum orgy. Lots of anal, DP and A2Ms here.

In the group therapy session Krystal tells them that their problem is that they have fantasies. Rocco promptly fantasises about the members of the group. Krystal is suddenly no longer dressed in her white clinician's coat but in a studded black leather catsuit zipped open to the waist and every one else is naked. Krystal beckons the other two male members of the group towards her and the female group member masturbates on a chair in front of Rocco. This is the hottest scene in the video as Krystal de Boor has a tongue which seems even longer and pointier than Nici Sterling's and it seems to snake out and curl itself around any erection in the vicinity. This she does to the two men she has beckoned towards her. She leads them about the apartment a bit and then comes back in to strip off on the couch and have sex with them both while Rocco watches and the other girl wanks. Then Rocco joins in with Krystal and she takes him anally while sitting on his lap and blowing the other two. They give her facials and Rocco cums in her hand and she licks it off.

Cut to a party in a large room which has a small boxing ring on a stage with some carpeted stairs leading up to it. Two men are sparring in the ring and lots of others are hanging about, many of them black. Two slim girls in very short dresses, one with no knickers, are wandering about teasing the men. Kelly arrives with Nacho. She is in an equally short white dress and no knickers. Another orgy-cum-gangbang rapidly develops. The combinations of couplings are too complicated to list in detail but at one point Kelly is dragged down the stairs by her hair and on her stomach by Nacho and at another point appears to be attempting a DP while standing on one leg. The reverse cowgirl DP for Kelly shown on the box cover stills is not shown in the video. There is lots of anal, facials abound and Kelly tries to be in on most of them, even licking spilled cum off the floor. There is also lots of spanking including some with boxing gloved hands for Kelly.

Finally, back in the group therapy session, Krystal tells Rocco she hopes he will attend again, with a sultry smile on her face. Rocco says he can't get her (Kelly) out of his mind, but the implication is that Krystal may be replacing her.

This is an extremely hot video and it would still be so without the spitting and slapping. In my opinion Krystal steals the film from Kelly, and few could ever do that.

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