< Johnny Rebel's Wife Watchers Confidential 2

Released: 2002
Director: John Mason
Notes: One-Eyed Pirate
Alternate Titles
  • Wifewatcher 2 UK Shags 12
Notes and Reviews

Angel-Long, Angie, Michelle [9], Simone [3] as Leah, Marina.

Same format as Wifewatcher 1, that is John Mason has sex with a woman while her partner watches and Terry Stephens records it on videotape.

This is a promising premise which is rendered a little tedious by the repetitive nature of the action. Unless otherwise described the action is as follows: Short introduction of girl and partner, John then proceeds to take a few stills while the girl undresses. Once fully nude John joins her on the bed for a blow-job, followed by 69 followed by reverse cowgirl followed by (and here there is some variety) doggy, missionary, cowgirl and spoons.

Angel-Long is first up with partner Frazer assisting with the recording.

Angie, a slightly older short-haired blonde, is married to a policeman, who is shown from the neck down. John goes through the motions which includes anal. After the cumshot, Karl Kincaid appears and performs for 90 seconds before coming over Angie's pussy.

Michelle is a tall, slim brunette, described on OEJs website as bearing an uncanny resemblance to Olive Oyl, Popeye's girlfriend. Things proceed slightly differently as Michelle's hubby, Martin, gets a bj and she gets anal. Scene ends with another bj for John.

Simone [3] appears as Leah who performs the usual while her older partner watches silently.

Finally Marina, another slightly older blonde, is watched by partner Dave, who takes more of an interest by joining in. Anal with both men.

Although some of the girls in this video are semi-professional they are not inexperienced. In conversation they admit to sessions with other photographers.

Most of the girls seem to thoroughly enjoy the experience, but the fixed nature of the format spoils the effect. Because John strips each girl in the stills sequence, much of the eroticism is lost. Nothing here for undies lovers at all.

Usual neat camerawork from Terry and natural light of the location bedrooms.

Review by Bayleaf

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