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This hour-long R18 video has two scenes.

The first scene features Georgette Neale and Tracey Williams on a double bed. Tracey, wearing glasses and a metallic dress, is especially cute. The girls flirt with the cameraman and each other before getting down to business.

The girls take turns masturbating each other with a double-ended dildo before using both ends simultaneously.

This lesbian scene takes an oblique turn when an unannounced black guy appears in frame and begins fucking Tracey. The boy/girl sex is over so quick, that it seems the stud's main purpose is to provide a cum-shot and say 'you like that, don't you' as many times as possible.

This is followed by the highlight of the tape, which is Georgette and Tracey sharing a very spermy kiss, right after Georgette has finished sucking the guy off.

In the second scene is a boy/girl featuring Ben Dover red-head Rebecca Irwin. Rebecca, or Becky, wearing a matching pink skirt and top and sucking a lollipop, sits on a sofa and is interviewed by the cameraman. Becky seems eager enough to flash her bits at the cameraman but less eager to be drawn into conversation, answering most questions with one word answers.

It is therefore a bit of a relief when the interview segment ends and the action starts. Fortunately, there is chemistry between Becky and her heavily tattooed partner, Riece. They go on to have energetic sex in all the usual positions (no anal though), with Becky being as sexually aggressive as the guy. Nice.

To conclude, a reasonable tape with some good moments, let down somewhat because fans of Georgette, prominent on the box cover, will not get to see her do full boy/girl in it.

Review by Mr Anon

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