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Released: 2011
Director: Mike Quasar
Notes: Zero Tolerance
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Running time: 136 mins.

The number of predatory 'older' women is on the increase as Alexandra Silk, Kelly Mae, Cesa Stone and Skylar Prince go on the hunt for young guys in Is Your Mother Home?

Having arranged for a friend to go on an abortive shopping trip, Julia Ann and Taylor Wane know the coast is clear when they call round to see her son, Billy. Invited in to await his mother's return, the pair sandwich Billy on the sofa as they fantasise about sex with a younger man. Unbuttoning their blouses, Julia and Taylor tease their tits. Noticing a bulge in Billy's pants, they drag him to their absent friend's bedroom to investigate further. Billy's protests are muffled as Julia's boobs are thrust into his face and Taylor sucks at his shaft. Straddling her victim, Taylor sinks Billy deep into her pussy. She's pushed aside by Julia who wants to try the young cock. The two roll over to be fucked missionary. Taylor climbs on top. Billy's cock darts between the pair. Tonguing Taylor's clit, Julia is entered from behind. With two sexy, mature women at his disposal, Billy doesn't know who to fill next. Taylor crouches down to catch Billy's cum in her mouth. It seems the girls will have to arrange another shopping expedition for Billy's mother.

The six models in this well made film prove that experience really does count and they are more than happy to pass on their accumulated wisdom to the next generation. Top marks to director Mike Quasar for five carefully crafted and nicely paced scenes. And top marks to Zero Tolerance for not putting the words MILF or Cougar in the title.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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